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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Campaigning for Christopher (The Winslow Brothers #4) [Christopher & Julianne] by Katy Regnery

THIS is my favorite Winslow book :) I had a feeling it's going this way quite early and considering how much I LOVED Preston and Elise's book (yeah will all the times I was annoyed as HELL included! hehe) that's saying something. In a way there are similarities between the two, but as two different characters in the book say at certain points what Elise did is NOTHING like what Julianne did and yet the thing that IS similar is her need to make amends and how sweetly and beautifully she does exactly that. 

While Christoper have been mean to Julianne quite a lot I think his behavior could totally be understood especially when you read his inner turmoil. It's one thing to hate someone who hurt you BADLY, it's a totally another deal when she won't go away but while she is doing the best that she can to make amends he is distracted but how much he is attracted to her, knowing trusting her is NOT possible, and it certainly doesn't help that while getting to know her he liked EVERYTHING about her.. For Julianne it's the same, or maybe worse? She hurt him badly and she needed to make amends and so she is at his disposal until election day, posing as his girlfriend. Trouble is, as SHE gets to know HIM, she loves everything about him as well and knowing he won't ever trust her while she is falling for him, knowing in weeks he will be gone from her life, is making her miserable. 

Let's back up a step here.. What did Julianne Crow do? she ruined his rising career to congressman by taking incriminating photos of him, making his look as a alcoholic playboy (with a hint of raciest). She did all that from a VERY wrong impression she got from him and wanting to do the right thing in exposing a douche bag not realizing the one who put her up to it, was lying through his teeth about the guy. Yet the day after when guilt starts to rumble in her stomach, she looks up Christoper Winslow on the internet realizing she have been manipulated and actually hurt a person who couldn't be farther from what she was told, not just a good man, a man who wants to make a difference for minorities like herself - being of Indian heritage, growing up in the Lakota's reserve with mostly her single mother and grandmother. Though she felt lucky for the things she DID have, she lived poorly and so when opportunity called, she rushed to Philadelphia to pursue a modeling career. Yet things weren't going as planned, and waitressing in Jessica Winslow's wedding is when she realizes in two week she won't have the money to stay. Yet now she somehow has to, because making amends is something she MUST do. She hurt a man she shouldn't have, because she was gullible and easy to manipulate, and so the day after her shameful act she takes as much courage as she can and tells Christopher's campaign staff she thinks posing as his girlfriend might save the day and his upcoming election in a few weeks time. 

Christoper Winslow was NOT ready for Julianne. Not the first time he laid eyes on her before she drugged him and ruined his career in one swoop of (contaminated) whiskey in which he was awed by her unique beauty. Yet when the night was over and he realized what happened he was furious beyond words. Even though her brilliant idea of how to make it all go away, actually puts him in a better position he can't trust her and can't help himself saying mean things to her. He worked SO HARD for this, especially to NOT look like a privileged kid who drinks too much and parties too often. Yet's it's the only way out at the moment so he accepts and tries to rein his anger and frustration from the whole situation.

Slowly slowly, Jules and Chris fall for each other. Spending time at events they attend as a couple makes both of them SEE who the other person is. Jules does her best to play her part professionally, meaning she researches to be prepared for their public appearances, not only being the pretty girl by his side, but actually contributing to his campaign. As time goes by, she realizes that while being a model could be awesome money-wise she has no interest in it, she wants to make a difference and by Chris's side she realizes it's possible. Yet now as as his girlfriend she is offered big-money offers she isn't sure how to answer, not when she is falling for a man who will leave her once the election are finished. Chris is also falling for the amazing woman by his side, but he cannot admit to it, even to himself. Seeing the real Jules, the smart, ideological, justice-seeking, warm and caring woman that she is messes with his head. He WANTS her, so BAD! and yet how to trust her? 

I'm going to leave my review here. honestly, I could write double as much as I've written but enough is enough, this book is a MUST READ. My heart was clenching most of the book, it was so GOOD and so crashing at the same time, they wanted each other but how to put one disasteress night aside?! THAT you will have to read for yourself :)

I LOVE this series, including the bigger picture of Blueberry Lane (starting with "The English Brothers"), they started more of a "fun read" but as the series progresses there is something more emotional which keeps me locked into the books unable to put them away. I started this book Thursday night but I was just too damn tired to hold my eyes open and so I read most of the book on Friday only putting it aside for the LAST 30 MINUTES! to be read Saturday morning. I realized that I'm too tired to enjoy it as I should and so I went to sleep and woke up early to finish it. 

Really recommend you crab this book. It's better to read the other ones to understand the family around Chris, but actually they can all be read as standalone (with very mild spoilers of who got hitched to whom mostly).

The next part of the Blueberry Lane is "The Rousseaus". The first book  "Jonquils for Jax" will be published in a few days on the 5th of August. 

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Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 231 pages, 28-30 July 2016 / On GoodReads

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