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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bidding on Brooks (The Winslow Brothers #1) [Brooks & Skye] by Katy Regnery

This was a really sweet story, enjoyed getting to know the Winslow brothers a little bit better after reading of Jessica in "The English Brothers" (Anyone But Alex, #3). Brooks and Skye's romance was as slow as it was fast, they knew each others for 20 years, but they were just friends, until Skye accepted his request to bid on him (with his money..) so he won't have to sail with someone he has no wish to entertain. After the first spark in which Brook finally sees Skye as a woman (and not just his mechanic in overalls..) love blossoms pretty fast. In my mind it was very believable considering they knew each other for such a long while they just never thought of more for a lot of reasons. I gotta say, it was pretty predictable, and I didn't really like the final twist in the story and yet I had fun reading this one so I'm not really complaining. 

Jessica (Brook's youngest sister) puts Brook for a week sail as a bid for a charity event. She has her good intentions in mind, Brook have been like a parent to her after their father died when she was just a child and so she wishes him all the best including finally finding his true love (at 35..). While she has her good intentions Brooks doesn't intend to sail with ANYONE really, but since he has no other choice but to accept this foolishness he asks Skye, his mechanic friend who works at the marina he uses for his boats to bid on him as much as it takes (he puts a ridiculous amount of money on her credit card for it). Yet there are a few problems.. 

Brooks Winslow never saw Skye as a "girl", wearing her overalls with oil on her hands she doesn't strike him as more than friend material and as it is, he doesn't date anyone. In his mind, the illness which caused his father's death at the age of 40 will soon take him as well, so why make a young widower like his father left his mother? Once he saw her as a woman, on the charity event though, he realizes Skye is BEAUTIFUL (and really his type..) but though Skye is more than interested in Brooks (she had a minor crush on his for years..) she is also not available.. her boyfriend might be across the sea (on a journey with his catamaran), but they are still committed to one another.. 

Skye Sorenson has her own sad past, her mother abandoned her and her father when she was a child, and Skye WON'T be her mother, she won't make those horrible choices so though she and Pat aren't as close as she wants them to be, she won't cheat on him and so staying at sea for a week with someone she is VERY attracted to is more complicated than she feels she can handle. But with every word, and every experience she and Brooks go through she realizes that Pat was never who she wanted, and Brooks is anything and everything she wants in her man. Thing is, though she wants him to be - Brooks isn't perfect.. 

Enjoyed reading this one, it's quite simple and maybe that's the fun of it. 
From the little glimpses we got from the other 3 brothers I'm really interested to get their HEA as well.

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Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 256 pages, 17-19 July 2016 / On GoodReads

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