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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 2016 Goals

Summer is here and with it a new semester, this time I have a few courses planned so I hope I'll be able to read as I have the last two month. On the one hand I enjoy my studying and more new courses means learning interesting stuff, and yet it also means less free time which I'm NOT about ;)

I have quite an eclectic month planned - Contemporary and New Adult Romance as usual but also a new Paranormal Romance series mixed in and also FINALLY, there are half M/F and half M/M novels. I strive to get to some sort of "equality" or rather diversity in my reading but it seems I add mostly M/M Romance these days.. I'll try and change that in the future but funny enough it will take time because there are SO many books I have already plan on reading. Funny enough I was looking at my TBR list, I have a certain "mark" I put on books I want to schedule as soon as possible, in the beginning it was for immediate read, if it works out, but apparently the list is SO long now I won't be able to finish them ALL in 2017..

Sarina is one of my absolute favorite authors so when I heard there's a new series I was jumping up and down with excitement. Also the fact it's adult romance (though I guess it's somewhere between Contemporary and New Adult) is also exciting!  

I've been reading and loving everything by Katy these past few months. This month I have two new Contemporary Romance novels - a surprise release in the Modern Fairytale series as well as a rather new series (only one book published which turned out into a stand alone novel). There are two short novellas, one with characters from previous books by Katy and the other is from a series written by another author (I haven't read but don't mind trying out :)).

Surprise release! well, kinda.. I knew it will be out soon just not when exactly. I LOVED the previous one in this Contemporary MM Series.  Haven't even read the blurb, new book by Christina means it's an immediate read!

Originally I had twice as many planned for this month but sadly about half of the month I didn't have time to read (or breath, or sleep..) so I had to give some of them up - at least for now.

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