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Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 2016 Goals

Feels like I have a lot and very little to read this month, it's just that most of the month, or more than half for sure would be centered around one series, and most of the other half would be continuing on reading Amy Lane's books. Yet There are three little exceptions. 
I think I'm more settled with my reading now that most things around me fell into place. I'm used to my studies, that thankfully don't require a lot of homework and I also did another short course I'm hoping will become profitable in the future. I'm totally at home in the new place I've moved to a few months back. The dogs are happy here and so am I. It's a quiet and peaceful allowing me to regain the inner peace I was missing before I moved. 

I've only read one novel by Mary - "Mine" and though it wasn't my usual go to Contemporary MM Romance novel (well, it was also a bit suspenseful..) it was different enough to interest me and make me add this series by her. It's been a while but I'm just finding the time now to invest in 7 novels.. 
More by Amy Lane :) Yep! It's amazing to realize that though I've read SO MUCH by Amy the last few months there are MANY more. These ones are Contemporary MM Romance as well as Paranormal MM Romance. I always say how much I enjoy Amy's diversity and how much every story, every series brings something different, with these it's surely going to be noticeable. 

Looking on all the other books this month, this is the only NA and only MF. A bit similar to last month when I think about it. I have good recommendations for this one, hope I'll enjoy it as much. 

A new book by Aleksandr? Yep, I'm all about it, especially since it's Historical MM Romance I really want to try and read more of, and yeah it's also with L.A. Witt and I truly enjoyed their previous collaborations. 
That's it for this months goals. 
'Till my first review of May - Happy reading!  

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