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Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Solid Core of Alpha by Amy Lane

This one had the "it's not you it's me" excuse smeared all over it! I was never a fan of Sci-Fi. I basically don't get it, and maybe I should have realized it earlier when I started skimming through words, phrases and general ideas I don't get and don't want to invest time in reading. Yet the first part of the story, told from Anderson's POV was very different than I'm used to reading, it WAS fascinating. But I wasn't invested enough somehow and when the story moved to C.J.'s POV and in a way besides the development of the plot most of what we got was a sort of re-play to Anderson's last 10 years I got bored up until I decided (at 58%) I'm simply not connecting to any character BUT Anderson and even he doesn't hold enough of my interest for the rest of the story.

Anderson's planet got blown to pieces, him being the only survivor.  His sister saved his life when she put him on a spaceship and pressed "deploy", leaving a 12 years old Anderson on by himself. For 10 years he build himself a home in this vessel, making a family through holograms. He made them true people, ones he cared about and they cared for him, but as the years went by and energy became a problem he had to terminate some of the programs, hating himself for having to do that. But what was worst was the partner his holograms made for him, he was a sort of alter-ego of him that was made to make him survive but at a huge physical and psychological cost.  

10 years later he finally lands, which is the point in time we get C.J.'s POV, the guy who's suppose to help him cope, I think. That's the place where I REALLY started skimming. I didn't like anything about this part, more than a THIRD of the story. The banter between Cassie (his sister) and him got me tired, I wasn't interested in the other friends who were introduced, I didn't get the whole place and what they are even doing there, their general role.. it's again too much Sci-Fi for me to comprehend, so I waited for the parts of C.J. and Anderson and yet they were mostly apart, C.J being on Anderson's ship re-living what Anderson went through but hey! I was there throughout the beginning of the book I did NOT need to read about it again while he and Cassie are crying at how horrible Anderson's life have been. It was too melodramatic for me, maybe because I didn't find real appeal about the two characters.. Anderson was intriguing but I didn't "get" him yet, there was something too "far away" that I would have liked to read more about, and yet I couldn't be bothered with all the other parts, there was too much skimming.. AGAIN.. 

It's the genre, I KNOW it is, because I LOVE Amy's writing, and the story is SO unique I wanted to read it and see the developments and yet space, spaceships and all the other stuff that I had to read about to get there was just not for me. That's like too much engineering if it makes any sense.  

 (DNF 58%)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 320 pages, 28 May 2016 / On GoodReads

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