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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Broken Blades by Aleksandr Voinov & L.A. Witt

This is one of those books I feel like I have no words to describe. This book grabbed me and wouldn't let go. I read it yesterday until my eyes burned with tears of exhaustion only to awake half an hour later to read just a little more, then woke up early to manage a little bit more and so you see the pattern.. it's nearing midnight and finally I reached the end and all I could do is sigh. 


Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Solid Core of Alpha by Amy Lane

This one had the "it's not you it's me" excuse smeared all over it! I was never a fan of Sci-Fi. I basically don't get it, and maybe I should have realized it earlier when I started skimming through words, phrases and general ideas I don't get and don't want to invest time in reading. Yet the first part of the story, told from Anderson's POV was very different than I'm used to reading, it WAS fascinating. But I wasn't invested enough somehow and when the story moved to C.J.'s POV and in a way besides the development of the plot most of what we got was a sort of re-play to Anderson's last 10 years I got bored up until I decided (at 58%) I'm simply not connecting to any character BUT Anderson and even he doesn't hold enough of my interest for the rest of the story.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Let Me Know (Lost In You #2) [Marcus & Amber] by Stina Lindenblatt

This is the second and closing part of Amber and Marcus' story, which started in "Tell me When" (At the moment these are the only ones in the series). This book CANNOT be read as a stand alone. 

I gotta say, it started a bit slow and was a bit too angsty for me but as a whole I enjoyed Marcus and Amber's story, seeing them grow, heal and bring themselves a better future, for each separately and together as a couple.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tell Me When (Lost In You #1) [Amber & Marcus] by Stina Lindenblatt

It's been a while since I've read this kind of heart breaking story. It's not only Amber went through hell (a few months ago), it's also Marcus' past, how he grew up and everything he had to deal with. They both find their own way to deal, mostly on their own. Isolating themselves is the only way they can imagine to cope with their past.

The story is told from both Amber and Marcus' POV, giving us most of their life stories. There are some things left unexplained, to be explored in the next installment in the series - "Let Me Know", which continues and concludes Amber and Marcus' story (currently there are only these two in the series). 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Behind the Curtain by Amy Lane

It started out funny and intriguing, yet sadly I didn't really connect with Dawson, our sole POV. I wish we could have gotten Jared's POV it might have changed the whole way I saw the book. It was an okay read, it was VERY angsty and too sappy for my liking but the story, the love story and how it progressed was very sweet. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bewitched by Bella's Brother by Amy Lane

A sweet sensitive story, really enjoyed it. I"m saying sensitive I'm NOT saying over emotional or angsty which was great. The two MC have their issues to solve, on their own and together and yet, most of it was done very logically in accordance to the way the relationships between all the characters evolved. It was simply heart warming seeing everything come together.  

Sebastian and Bella are best friends, not only that, Sebastian already feels a part of Bella's family. They have been studying in college together for the past 5 years, now planning on doing a second doctorate. For both of them college and studying is a way of not committing to being a grown-up. It's not that they are immature, it's what being in college allows them - being free of responsibilities, even toward themselves. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hannah's Big Night (A Matter of Time #8.5) by Mary Calmes

This is a free Thanksgiving ficlet of Hannah and Kola (Jory and Sam's kids) taking place after "Piece of Cake" (the 8th installment).
Can be read through THIS LINK

This is basically a children's story, it's told from the POV of 10 years old Hannah, going on a "nightly adventure" with her brother trying to help Kola's friend and ending up mixed in a violent situation. I guess it was kinda sweet but it was SO childish I didn't care of it. 

Unnecessary for the series, but if you're into little kids you will probably find Hannah endearing. I don't usually like reading of kids in romance novels but since most books in the series took place years apart I thought Hannah would be an adult in this one (I was wrong..).

This is still a HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED series, if you haven't read it yet, do yourself a favor and grab the first one ASAP. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 19 pages, 15 May 2016 / On GoodReads

Piece of Cake (A Matter of Time #8) by Mary Calmes

A nice and sweet way to finish a series, though I didn't feel it was necessary. Truthfully, I finished Duncan and Aaron's book last night and I'm still having a book hangover over it. Loved getting more of these two besides our main couple - Jory and Sam. 

Parting Shot (A Matter of Time #7) [Duncan & Aaron] by Mary Calmes

~sigh~ BEAUTIFUL, I couldn't have asked for more, mostly because I didn't expect to enjoy this one as much as I did! (or to read it in one sitting!) I was never an "Aaron hater" but I wasn't a real fan fan either.. Books with billionaires are NOT my troupe.. and yet Duncan and Aaron fit in the best way possible. They complete each other. They are both strong men who know what they want and they are not shy about it! Not even about how they enjoy holding hands.

Unlike the previous installments in the series, this installment focuses on a different couple - Aaron and Duncan. We've met Aaron in the 3rd installment, he and Jory used to be in a serious relationship. Jory being Jory they stayed friends even though Aaron seemed to want much more from Jory. While in Phoenix in the 6th installment, Sam and Jory meet up with Duncan a Detective helping Sam on his case. Somehow Jory decides to try and match these two together. We don't get much of what happened with the two after their first night together, but from a phone call between Aaron and Jory - Aaron is more that interested which is something Jory haven't seen or heard of before from Aaron. I WAS curious with how things could work out between these two and so I"m happy I got this sort of "spin off" novel of them, not to mention though I LOVE Jory and Sam, the previous installment was too much family oriented for me so getting a couple - no kids included - was a nice break before the last installment of Jory and Sam in the 8th book (though there IS another short novella after which I'm assuming is the absolute last).

Friday, May 13, 2016

Ears, Eggs and Bunnies (A Matter of Time #6.5)

This is a free Easter ficlet of Jory and Sam taking place 3 years after "But For You" (the 6th installment). Can be read through THIS LINK

Short and sweet and mostly bizarre as only Jory can.. on a trip to find "ear bunnies" for his (now) 7 years old daughter Hannah and accompanied by his 9 years old son Kola they somehow run into 4 girls dressed like bunnies of the stripper variety who came from Ukraine for a vocation and found themselves forced into stripping, they are missing one friend who was taken to a party in which she would be sold to the highest bidder. Jory does his best to save the fifth "bunny" and basically save them all from a horrible future. Sam, naturally, isn't pleased with Jory rather reckless behavior but it IS Jory we are talking about.. and so Sam will forgive him even if he growls through all of it..

I liked this one but in a way it brought an old Jory back, one who is TOO reckless. I mean, in the previous installment he seemed MUCH more mature than he used to be, as a father I totally got that, in this one, though I could totally see him helping out the girls, not with the kids with him and not without Sam's help (even if only to be sure the kids are okay).   

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 14 pages, 13 May 2016 / On GoodReads

But for You (A Matter of Time #6) by Mary Calmes

Though I enjoyed this one, it's not one of my favorites. My problem was, not unexpectedly - there were too many kids / scenes with kids and basically they took too much page space, even though I DID find myself laughing out loud in a few scenes with them, it wasn't really the kids as it was Jory being himself. 

There's no doubt both Sam and Jory grew up in the last couple of books, they are now not only a couple but a family of 4 having adopted two kids in the past three years since the last installment. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Just Jory (A Matter of Time #5.5) by Mary Calmes

This is a free ficlet of Jory and Sam taking place between "Bulletproof" (the 5th installment) and "But For You" (the 6th installment).
Can be read through THIS LINK

An extremely short story with a photo of hands being cuffed had me thinking this is going to be some sort of kinky sex scene. Well, I was hoping it WOULDN'T be, I mean, with Jory there are so much MORE fun stuff to be had and so I was really happy Jory being cuffed actually means him getting to MORE trouble, this time a random bank robbery and naturally his big mouth of his makes ALL the difference. 

We even got a snippet of Dane and naturally Sam was all over the place when Jory's safely is in jeopardy. 


Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 8 pages, 12 May 2016 / On GoodReads

Bulletproof (A Matter of Time #5) by Mary Calmes

The first chapter of this book kinda surprised me, I got to see a Jory I've never met before and I was puzzled, wasn't sure I was liking what I seeing, but I think maybe THAT's exactly what was wrong, Jory was wrong, three years after the previous installment and also after closing his business due to economic recession, working for someone OTHER than his brother Dane, doing something he doesn't care for made him into someone HE isn't enjoyed being and not only that, Sam is away for the past 4 months on an undercover job. So while Sam and Jory are together as a married couple, same as they were at the end of the previous installment, they are still going strong yet struggling with life together mostly "job related". 

Monday, May 9, 2016

A Matter of Time (A Matter of Time #4) by Mary Calmes

Another great installment! I think it's my favorite up until now and not only because we FINALLY have Jory and Sam as a real couple and they stay that way the whole book (with a sort of HEA).

Though I read most of this book in one sitting, life truly got in my way and so it took me a few days to rap things up. I gotta say I really enjoyed getting a WHOLE novel. The previous ones were shorter and since they all ended with barely a HFN they felt more partial to a real full length novel. They also ended quite abruptly and resumed right were they ended.. so I actually see the three prior installments as a sort of a "full story" in which Jory and Sam get together. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Matter of Time (A Matter of Time #3) by Mary Calmes

One gulp read! Though I started quite late yesterday I ended up reading till after 3 a.m. - note to self - DON'T start reading the next one in an "unappropriated" hour... ;) So, yep, another great installment. We start right were we stopped and quite quickly the plot moves three years later to where Jory is in life - a MUCH better on many levels but naturally not romantically. 

As I've just mentioned, the book starts with Jory kidnapped by Dominic (Sam's partner). Jory survives and yet he went through quite the ordeal and the fact Sam didn't stick by his side during his recovery tore a hole through his heart, and yet when the story moves forward three years, we see a slightly maturer Jory - He opened his own company with Dylan (his partner), moved to a better apartment even was in a serious relationship up until recently. Yep, doing quite well. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Matter of Time (A Matter of Time #2) by Mary Calmes

Another excellent installment! As was with the previous one - had a hard time putting it down - so I read it in one go! I can just listen to Jory endlessly! It's amazing how in every situation people just adore him and it doesn't feel fake to me, I can totally see and get what they find in him. While he and Sam were mostly in a bad place in this installment his relationship with Dane Harcourt (his boss) keeps on evolving. The ending of the previous installment showed that they are already in a different place but in this one EVERYTHING changes.  

Monday, May 2, 2016

A Matter of Time (A Matter of Time #1) by Mary Calmes

Absolutely FANTASTIC. I loved this book and so can't wait to read the next ones! I'll be truthful, the only reason I didn't continue to the second installment right after I finished the first is I KNOW that I won't write a review if I'm already moved on to the next - everything will be mixed up in my brain - what happened in the first, where exactly it ended.. yeah.. I'm too "OCD" about reviewing to do that hehe 

I read this book almost in one gulp. I sat down, intending to read for about an hour and then go for a swim but instead the only thing that made me get up was a phone call. I barely ate dinner! I was so immersed in the story and the characters the pages kept on turning on their own. 

This is truly part one of the story, we don't get a HEA, we don't get a HFN, we are in the middle of the story where things are NOT working out on the romance side, but they are looking brighter in other aspects. This book is currently sold with part 1 + part 2 together, I have the older version (it's just been on my list for AGES before I got it finally scheduled..) so I don't know if it ends in a better place on that version. Anyhow the romance of the two MC is building up slowly and so there is something to look forward to. I remember how I loved it in "Cut & Run" by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban. Yeah, it's more on the suspense side but still very slow building of the relationship between the MC, only getting their true HEA in the very last novel in the series. I bet this one would be the same. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 2016 Goals

Feels like I have a lot and very little to read this month, it's just that most of the month, or more than half for sure would be centered around one series, and most of the other half would be continuing on reading Amy Lane's books. Yet There are three little exceptions. 
I think I'm more settled with my reading now that most things around me fell into place. I'm used to my studies, that thankfully don't require a lot of homework and I also did another short course I'm hoping will become profitable in the future. I'm totally at home in the new place I've moved to a few months back. The dogs are happy here and so am I. It's a quiet and peaceful allowing me to regain the inner peace I was missing before I moved. 

I've only read one novel by Mary - "Mine" and though it wasn't my usual go to Contemporary MM Romance novel (well, it was also a bit suspenseful..) it was different enough to interest me and make me add this series by her. It's been a while but I'm just finding the time now to invest in 7 novels.. 
More by Amy Lane :) Yep! It's amazing to realize that though I've read SO MUCH by Amy the last few months there are MANY more. These ones are Contemporary MM Romance as well as Paranormal MM Romance. I always say how much I enjoy Amy's diversity and how much every story, every series brings something different, with these it's surely going to be noticeable. 

Looking on all the other books this month, this is the only NA and only MF. A bit similar to last month when I think about it. I have good recommendations for this one, hope I'll enjoy it as much. 

A new book by Aleksandr? Yep, I'm all about it, especially since it's Historical MM Romance I really want to try and read more of, and yeah it's also with L.A. Witt and I truly enjoyed their previous collaborations. 
That's it for this months goals. 
'Till my first review of May - Happy reading!  

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April 2016 Recap

I'm getting there! I mean, it's pretty much what I managed to read last month so I'm quite pleased. I wish I could have added ONE more (April Goals) but alas, it would have to wait for next month.. 

Total Read - 8 ebooks (+ 1 DNF) / 2562 pages (~85 pages a day)

This month was suppose to be all about full length novels this month, that doesn't happen very often. and yet since I had one DNF I added one short novella to finish the month with a smile.    

★  ★  ★  ★  ★ - Cheers and Shouts for the Favorites -  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★ 
The first series I read this month was "Rusk University by Cora Carmack. It's been a while since I read "Losing It" Cora's previous YA/NA series. I loved it and was SO happy she came up with a new series this time truly NA. The first two were great! loved them so much! The story isn't angsty, it's funny and easy to read. While the first couple were easy to see together I loved that the second couple on first appearance looked like they have nothing in common and yet it worked beautifully! [The third one wasn't a favorite though.. didn't like the heroine so had a hard time connecting with the romance story]. Can't wait for the next ones in the series! 

The second series was "Promises" by Amy Lane. ~sigh~ there is really very little or too much to be said about this BEAUTIFUL series. I love every character! (okay except for Crick and Benny's parents.. ;)) The series feels so damn realistic it's like I'm already part of the family, which really defines the books - the caring family Deacon builds around himself, gathering around him amazing people who also find their HEA around himself and Crick. I can't recommend this Contemporary MM Romance enough. Yeah it's a bit angsty, but it's so human and realistic I really feel like looking up "Levee Oaks" and going for a visit at the Pulpit. I should mention that the last book in the series is about closure and family in a different sense - everyone looking to have kids which wasn't my cup of tea really. I enjoyed getting more of the characters I love so much, but I still struggled with the baby/kids stuff.

I finished this month with "Frosted" by Katy Regnery. There is something beautiful and tender about Katy's writing, I enjoyed this Contemporary Romance novella SO much, it was different from what I"m used to reading - it's a second chance romance for a 56 years old woman, and though you'd think I'd have a hard time relating, I think there's a sort of message anyone can take and use in his/her life. It was short, mostly a "promise" for a future, not even a real HFN, but that's exactly what made it so realistic and relateable. 

★ DNF ★ - Cries and Sniffs for the Disappointments - ★ DNF ★
The last on this month's list was the long awaited "Always" by Kindle Alexander. I had this one and another one by Kindle for MONTHS on my list and something always came up and I had to postponed it for later. When FINALLY I could find the time to read only one of them I jumped with both my feet, imagine my sour disappointment when this one turns into the exact kind of book I can't stand - OTT jealousy and possessiveness and all that wrapped up in the swiftest insta-love and that's before the unrealistic setting... NOPE, not for me. DNF at 32% and not intending to read more by this author. 

 ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

That's it for this month's recap. 
Next month is mostly more by Amy and another whole new (to me) series and a dash of NA and even Historical Romance. 
Happy May!