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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Always by Kindle Alexander

Had my hopes up for this one, from the synopsis and the many raving reviews I was sure it's going to be a treasure! Yet SO many things just didn't work out for me, I realized at 32% it won't get better, it would probably turn for the worse which is why I decided to sadly put it down. 

The book starts with Avery and Kane in their mid 70s. Already having two kids in their 30s, Avery having to undergo a serious operation and Avery remembering their relationship right from the beginning. I usually love those kinds of epic romances, where the relationship spans over a few decades... but that happens when I love the characters and mostly the relationship buildup (!) which can be more realistic when there's so much time to explore. 

Going back to the 1975 when they first met, Avery coming back to his home town to try and pursue a political career like his famous grandfather, Kane a high class restaurant owner. I liked the beginning, the setting, and the people who surround both men (the saving grace really). With Avery it was a fun sort of relationship with his secretary but with Kane there was much more to it with the people who work at the restaurant and mainly his partner Paulie who is like a father to him. 

When Kane and Avery meet for the first time sparks fly, Avery is literally struck silent, and Kane is sure he offended the respectful restaurant guest. I was a bit worried at the point, I mean, yeah, those things happen ALL THE TIME, it's a physical thing, right? and yet I had a feeling both men had something different in mind. After one night together, I should say it was after knowing each other for 3 days, Avery already admits to himself Kane is the love of his life. Kane is very confused with Avery and what he is offering him, but it's obvious he is infatuated as much as Avery is, he is just less vocal about it. I didn't like it. Not one bit, the insta-love is not my thing unless it's in Paranormal and there is a reason I can understand even if not really like most of the time. I like my romance more realistic than that, especially when it's NOT in any way paranormal. 

Another thing that robbed me the wrong way was their first night together. Avery wanted Kane to loosen up so he made sure to get him drunk. He literally stumbled into bed and Avery just took charge because it's what he wanted.. That's just the Avery is, bossy and pushy. SO NOT my thing.. his excuse (to lighten Kane up) and the fact he offered to get drunk himself next time wasn't acceptable in my mind. Sorry. Drunk sex is NOT something I can respect in any form or way! (it's basically rape...)

Everything turned out worse on their night out when Avery comes to Kane's apartment and meets Kane's boyfriend up until a day before... Avery turns in a second into the jealous over protecting bully, who, for no apparent reason, says the ex is dangerous and so Kane should move in with him (after knowing each other for a whole WEEK). Kane doesn't answer and they continue to a gay club to party and have THE grosses sex ever. Listen, I've been to those bathrooms in clubs, I can barely pee in them for fear I actually TOUCH something by mistake. They touched EVERYTHING and not by mistake. I felt dirty all over and NOT for the "right" reasons.. 

That's basically where I stopped, when the chapter was done I put it aside and had a moment to think. This book ISN'T going where it should be.. I mean, Avery came to the city to make himself known and show his interest in politics, in 1975 being an openly gay congressman?? that sounds totally unrealistic! Also he says he wants to be seen, but I don't think this sort of partying in a gay club, making out on the dance floor and having loud sex in the bathrooms is something a person interested in politics should do.. people might recognize him and blabber to the press.. I'm not sure now, 40 years later, it would be looked upon with accepting eyes, so back then? Avery is NOT serious, or rather not thinking right AT ALL. 

I went back to GR to read a few more reviews, trying to avoid spoilers. There are TONS of 4.5-5 stars rating which was a bit off for me, insta-love, OTT possessiveness and jealousy after a week, not realistic whatsoever - people, are we reading the same book?! Yet the few reviews who game this book 1-2 stars rating had the same problems I'm having.. some of them finished the book and had even more complaints about the strange progression of the relationship :/

Not only because I haven't finished this book I DON'T recommend it. If you want any of the turfs mentioned above you can get ALL OF THEM (jealousy, insta-love etc) in a more realistic settings. I can actually believe in insta-love when it's done in a certain way but when EVERYTHING feels totally and absolutely WRONG about the story I"m leaving it behind. I won't be trying the next one I had on my list by Kindle, or any other book by her.    

 (DNF 32%)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 287 pages, 29 April 2016 / On GoodReads

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