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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Shiny! by Amy Lane

Sweet lovely story! This book was so heart felt, it had a bit of angst in it, but mostly it was about Will and Kenny building a beautiful friendship that also evolves into the best relationship they could have imagined for themselves. The story starts almost from the end, with Kenny and Will attending a wedding of a dear friend and then they go back to how they met and share most of it with their friends. I wasn't sure what I thought about the way the story went back and forth - from their beginning to the wedding but all of it was so damn sweet I just couldn't put it down! :) 

Kenny and Will meet in on a really shitty day for both of them - Kenny finds out his boyfriend haven't been faithful to him and Will who barely manages to support himself financially gets fired. It seems like it's getting worse when Will hits Kenny's trash can and all of Kenny's sex toys finds their way into the sidewalk.. Yet after a small conversation they realize a beer together COULD be better. From there a friendship is formed. Both a bit geeky, they seem to always have what to talk about, including some daring questions from Will's end about the function of said sex toys.. 

They end up falling for one another. Will have always been awkward with girls, it just never really worked out so he mostly thought it was just the way he is.. but when he meets Kenny he realizes it was THEM, he's just not into girls.. and it seems he isn't THAT into guys in general. It's not that he doesn't find them attractive it's Kenny he wants but isn't sure how to express considering Kenny's ex and generally the guys he goes out with. Will wants more and so he wants to make sure Kenny wants HIM and if he does, not just for one night but forever. Kenny is all confused, he sees Will as straight and so crushing on him is a bad idea because of that! But also because truthfully he isn't ready for what Will is offering even if it's what he longed for most in his life. Right now, when Kenny is all shiny and new - yeah he's what Will might want but what will happen when the sparkle is gone?
Seeing the buildup of their relationship was SO damn sweet. They don't have a perfect life, each with his own difficulties, but together, then can do so much more! They complete each other, they're totally perfect for one another. I loved that though Will looks quite ordinary, as the story evolves the way Kenny sees him changes, he becomes extraordinary in his eyes - both internally and externally. Will is the sweetest, it was so sad seeing how he alienated himself from situations because he felt different. Well, in a way Kenny did the same.. but together they teach each other that they might STILL be socially awkward, but they have so much more to give - one another and to the people around them. 

Another great read by Amy. Tender and sweet it had it all. I loved getting both of their POVs, I totally got everything I could have wished for. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 196 pages, 30-31 March 2016 / On GoodReads

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