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Monday, February 8, 2016

Sing to Me by Jeffrey Rivera

I guess my rating makes it clear I didn't like this book and yet I think it's extremely important to say what my main problem was - this is a Young Adult Romance novel. There are very few of those I can tolerate. If you are into this genre, you might really enjoy this book but I personally just don't have the tolerance for "kids" (even though  the MC in this one are round 19-20 years old). I"m usually more careful with the books I chose but with this one, there weren't enough Tags on the GoodReads page and also not many reviews which is how I totally missed it being YA.

The romance between Emma and Cody is sweet in a very naive and childish kind of way. His best friend Aaron was a very good friend to him, and yet their constant fights made their relationship a bit exhausting. Also I didn't like the way Emma got in the way of their friendship and the way she saw his band (trying to push him to sing and do things he didn't show any desire to do before she pressed him into). There were parts I simply skimmed. For some reason I really wanted to get to the end of this one, giving it a chance I guess, and yet I had a hard time connecting with the couple. Their relationship (with their difficulties) was too cheesy and flowery for me which I totally put on their age and life experiences...

The book starts with Emma in the hospital in a life and death situation, then goes back in time to when they met, the whole buildup of their relationship, getting married and the difficulties they had to deal with, in between glimpses of Cody sitting by Emma's bed in the hospital believing in his heart she will get better even if everyone stopped believing.. The story concludewith a very happy ending, though for me it was a bit OTT

For the young at heart (which apparently isn't me.. ;)) 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 119 pages, 8 February 2016 / On GoodReads

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