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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Marrying Mr. English Part 1+2 (Blueberry Lane 1 - The English Brothers #7) [Tom & Eleanora] by Katy Regnery

Okay, lets start with the most important news - This book is NOT in fact Part 2 of Eleanora and Tom's love story, it's the COMPLETE novella - part 1 + part 2. When I opened this book yesterday and realized I STRUGGLED though the disappointing "12 Christmas Romances to Melt Your Heart" Anthology containing the first part of this story, only to realize I already had it on my kindle in this version I was seeing RED! then I calmed myself, went back to my bed, opened my kindle and delved into the story (from about the third mark were the second part starts). Eleanora and Tom went through quite a lot in their first few months together, which made both of them grow up and be sure of what and who they wanted in their lives.

The first part of the story (the one published in the anthology) is how Tom and Eleanora met and got married. The story was NOT what I was expecting though I already knew that though Tom comes from money, Eleanora doesn't. They meet when Tom is on his "Honeymoon" though he didn't actually get married. On his grandfather's demands he was suppose to marry a woman until he turns 32 so he could inherit 15 million dollars. He had it all planned with a women he knew quite well, yet when the big day arrived (4 days before he turns 32..) she bailed, leaving Tom frustrated but in a way resigned. Playing his grandfather's game was tiring as it is. Then he meets Eleanora, a simply yet intelligent and sassy waitress. 

Though they come from a different backgrounds, there is something between them from their first interaction. Eleanora intrigues Tom, she is not like any of the girls back home, she has a back bone and ambitions though she will have to work very hard to achieve them. Eleanora is surprised to realize Tom isn't just a rich guy trying to get in her pants, he is actually a good guy, sweet and caring who respects her in a way no one ever had. 

When Tom shares the situation he is in with Eleanora she proposes THEY marry. Getting 1 million dollars to be shortly married to Tom is VERY appealing considering how much she wants to finish college and have her own small business, probably a book store. Tom finds he dreams honest and decides he wants to marry her and help her achieve her goals. 

Yet what they didn't really expect is for them to start falling in love. They are in a very strange and difficult position both afraid to show their heart and lose the person they are starting to care for. But they truly have to test their resolve when Tom's grandfather meets Eleanora for the first time and tells Tom if he stays married to her he will be disowned. Deciding he truly wants to give a chance to the love he just found with Eleanora and being sick and tired of his grandfather's act they leave together and try to make ends meet which is VERY difficult considering his grandfather's pull makes it impossible for Tom to find a job in banking. Turning to a position in his former high school as the English teacher and Eleanora also finding a part time job they are struggling to make a life together, one built on their honest feelings for one another. 

In the end, it works out in a beautiful sensitive way. We KNOW Tom is the manager of "English and Son" working with his 5 grown kids :) But it takes a while for them to get there, demanding they make sacrifices and test their commitment to one another time and again. 

I loved that we got the ideas behind each of their children's names and also loved the way the story was wrapped with Eleanora sitting with her actual/soon to be daughters-in-law telling them her and Tom's story. It truly felt the best possible way to end this series with everyone together

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 129 pages, 6 February 2016 / On GoodReads

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