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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wild About Weston (Blueberry Lane 1 - The English Brothers #5) [Weston & Molly] by Katy Regnery

Weston, Weston.. sweet, tender, warm hearted and yeah, has the tendency to punch guys in the face at times hehe Really enjoyed this one! Gotta say I WAS considering which is my absolute favorite - him or Stratton, but as it seems Stratton is going to stay my favorite book boyfriend :) and yet, this story was really special. Though the story only spans less than two days, we get a love story I could totally believe. A bit instant love-y I guess, and yeah it was a Happy For Now because of the short time they know each other but I really liked the buildup of their "relationship" or rather how they got closer and closer to one another. 

Weston and Molly had a horrible day, both were dumped by their "significant other", well, for Molly it was her douche bag of fiance who cheated on her, as for Weston, it wasn't as bad, his on-off girlfriend told him they are better off without each other exactly when Weston was about to suggest they move their relationship to the next step. They meet at the bar on Daisy and Fitz's wedding where both don't feel like being. Molly is a friend of Daisy's and though she LOVE weddings, this one isn't making her tearful in a heart warming kind of way, it's making her mad and wild especially about Weston who seems to be the cure for her bad temper. 

Weston and Molly have a lot in common, for Weston Molly is an inspiration and as they talk and share their life's story (generally) he comes to the conclusion it's about time he comes clean to his family about not wanting to work at "English and Sons" and do something else (he find meaningful) with his life. I loved the way Weston saw Molly and the courage she was able to give him through her words, her touch and even her expressions. 

For Molly, finding someone who truly see her and get her was SO refreshing. Also the whole interaction with Weston teaches her more about herself, about what she wants, what she feels comfortable with and just how much Weston is willing to do and be so she would feel safe. I loved that about him, but I also loved that she was true to herself and when she felt she wasn't ready she said so and the moment passed without a mention of "blue balls" or the guy getting frustrated / the moment being broken, the scene went on smoothly because Weston wasn't about to make a big deal of. I could totally see what she found in him, as it was also obvious what he saw in her. 

I gotta say, on the first chapter I REALLLY didn't like Molly, she sounded the mosy boring and cliche person EVER, then we moved to Weston's side of the story and when we were back to her, I was already IN the story and loved the way they interacted with each other and came to really like her at the end :) I LOVED LOVED LOVED the fact they were both into horses and stables. For me, the most peaceful place ON EARTH is somewhere I can smell the hay and the horses, just soak the whole atmostphere of the place, but naturally it all comes down to being near a horse, just touching the tips of my fingers to their soft silky nose.. ~sigh~ so the scenes in the family's stables were perfection for me! 

As I wrote somewhere above the whole story takes place a little more than a day. We start the morning of the wedding with both being frustrated and angry, then they meet and seem to spend time together, lose one another only to find each other again and again and again, I loved it. It was so sweet and sort of magical. When we get to noon the following day I totally accepted there is a real relationship between the two even if they just met a short time ago, I BELIEVED what happened between them because I felt I was THERE the whole time. 

The resolution of Weston's dilemma about leaving "English and Sons" was done well. Even with the little disagreements, and hard feelings, it all felt real. I'm glad we FINALLY got to meet Tom English (the father) it was long awaited, especially because there are two short novellas of how he met and fell for Eleanora. I'm really curious about that :) Also we got to meet Kate "face to face" as she attended the wedding. I enjoyed her relationship with Stratton in the previous book and in this one she also has a small but significant part. But I gotta say I'm worried about her book (the following installment) because I don't know if Etienne is redeemable .. we'll see :)     

A JOY to read. Didn't want to put it down. Weston is as close to perfection as one could get (if we're not putting him up against Stratton that is ;))

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 185 pages, 23-25 January 2016 / On GoodReads

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