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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Seduced by Stratton (Blueberry Lane 1 - The English Brothers #4) [Stratton & Val] by Katy Regnery

Oh MY! This one was PERFECT! I KNEW I'm totally going to fall for Stratton and I was SO right. I guess the confident, alpha type is what usually attracts others in a hero, but for me, someone like Stratton is much more real, much more interesting to see evolve. How someone shy, insecure in a way, awkward and yet gorgeous and talented finds his HEA with someone who understand him and doesn't expect him to change, on the contrary - appreciates who he is even when he says and does things that might make other people, mostly women, cringe :) 

As I was making my series page, adding all the brothers and their women, I didn't know who Stratton will end up with, yeah I wanted it to be Val who speaks her mind and doesn't seem to shy about anything - the exact opposite to the closed off Stratton who rather stay at home and read then be awkward in a social gathering. Yet I read somewhere that he is in love with someone else and have been for a while.. I guess in a way I got mixed up in Startton's love life much like him hehe See, Stratton have been in love with his neighbour Amy for two years and he is desperate to find a way to show her how much HE is right for her and not the douche bag she is seeing, the same guy who hurt his cousin Kate years and years ago and haven't shown anything but his worst since then. Then Val appears in his life when she needs help figuring out what to do with her Aunt's financial problems over her dancing school, Alex was suppose to do that but now that he is gone, it's all up to Stratton who realizes from the first step that it's NOT going to go smoothly for him. He met Val once before and he liked her, maybe too much which felt very threatening for him considering he won't be unfaithful to his precious Amy (even if she doesn't even know he is into her).

Basically their minds is so much alike it's not wonder that with every encounter Startton gets more and more confused and Val realizes she is falling for a man who isn't even available even if she isn't sure exactly how. It was fun seeing how she interprets things with her knowledge of courting (That's basically what she is doing her PhD on..). The love letters she reads (to herself and out loud to Stratton) made this even more special. I loved how Stratton reacted to the whole thing. It was made so much sense to the way their relationship was building. Also I loved that Val expected Stratton to be HIMSELF so when he was all about grand gestures and asked for help from his family and friends what made the impact on her was only him in the most basic and honest way. 

There is something about Stratton for sure. I loved him from the first sentence I've read about him in the first installment in the series and so I totally got Val. She was great, I loved how she speaks her mind and yet she can be so reserved concerning her feelings and a bit insecure about her different looks. I loved how she saw Stratton, how she got him, accepted his foolishness and Stratton was so perfect for Val as well, he respected her and got her in a way no one in her family or close friends did, he celebrated what was special about her, which made her so happy. He was genuinely interested in her, in everything in her life, her studies, the future she wanted for herself even in dancing. He also tried so hard to do the right thing that the second he realized he did wrong he tried to correct, she loved that about him because she realized it was him trying to be attentive to her. I'm not sure he behaved this way towards others, I think it was another thing he did for her exclusively. I mean, in so many social situations he would just decide he rather not attend.. but with her, he tried, he really did, even when it was so hard for him. 

I think right now, he is my absolute favorite book boyfriend :) I see him as utterly perfect. I also loved that unlike his brothers who did huge gestures with their wealth (which was a bit high handed at times), he was different, and Val saw that as well. Basically he is this sweet guy who is very protective and loving to the people close to him, who wants to fix the world around him, a guy who feels mostly uncomfortable around people and yet has this HUGE heart that would give with no condition for the people he holds dear. ~sigh~ Frankly, I don't think I could and would have asked for more in a guy. It's not just Val who was seduced by Startton, I was as well :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 232 pages, 23 January 2016 / On GoodReads

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