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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kiss Me Kate (Blueberry Lane 1 - The English Brothers #6) [Kate & Etienne] by Katy Regnery

I was really nervous about this one.. also I had a few rough days so sitting down, being relaxed enough to read was also a struggle and as I finally sat and started reading I realized this is NOT what I feared it would be :) 

Like the first three in the series this one is also a rekindled love story. Kate and Etienne had a summer fling (much like Fitz and Daisy) but it ended badly for both of them even though it wasn't for the SAME reasons. We get glimpses into the past, when they were 15 years old along with the "real time" plot line which was sweet

The English and The Rousseau families have a history and not a positive one. As it seems there is always some kind of disagreement between the two Rousseau boys - Etienne and J.C. and the five English brothers, each trying to protect his family's "honor". When you get the whole story you totally get why they don't get along but you also realize that looking at it when you are in your 30s seems petty

When the summer was over both Etienne and Kate hoped to keep in touch but a bad decision on Etienne's side makes everything fall apart. From Kate's point of view none of it makes any sense, or rather she realizes Etienne never felt for her what she did for him because he literally disappeared from her life even though she kept writing to him and even tried to call him. After awhile she just decided to stop embarrassing herself and move on. I don't want to write what exactly happened with Etienne not to spoiler (because most of what I wrote up until this point was revealed in the previous installments) but the animosity between the families grew even more after the fight between Etienne and Alex (English) when Alex was defending Kate's name. Both Alex and Stratton (who went to school with Etienne) didn't want to cause Kate more pain so they decided not to share what happened.. especially not the consequences of the fight (which had another influence on the connection between Etienne and Kate). 

In the previous installment Kate starts working in the family's company (replacing Weston who wanted to work at the DA's office). Barrett wants to buy a company from The Rousseau Trust which means they have to work with Etienne and his brother J.C. but more specifically Etienne will have to work with Kate. Stratton and Alex are totally and absolutely against this idea, and yet Kate says business is business and she is NOT going to let what happened 12 years ago dictate her current actions. Secretly she wants to see Etienne and see what she feels about him when they are face to face. 

It doesn't start pretty as you can guess, but since there is still attraction between the two and it's obvious in their own way they still care about one another even if they don't TRUST each other. Also they NEED to discuss the past, and once they do, they are both amazed to find out the truth for once. It's very far from what both suspected. 

I really liked the fact Kate was "average build", meaning she wasn't a petite skinny girl which is exactly what Etienne loved about her. She was a bit insecure about her body, and he was trying (even back then) to make her realize she is desirable the way she is. It was a nice add to the story. Also I really liked Kate's relationship with her best friend Libitz. I can't wait to get more of her in the Rousseau's part of the series (coupled with J.C. Rousseau). She sound FUN and also a very perceptive and good friend :) 

In the 4th installment in the series - "Seduced by Stratton" we meet Amy - Etienne's ex-girlfriend, the one Statton was in love with for two years. It was VERY interesting getting Etienne's side of the story because what we got from Amy then was very little from the interaction between her and Startton. Be ready to be quite surprised about Etienne in this perspective as well.. 

All in all, it is really NOT what I was expecting in the best possible way. Really enjoyed it! But I gotta say, I'm not Etienne's biggest fan. I'm not really sure why, I just didn't like him that much.. (maybe it has to do with his bluntness which can be offensive) even if he is FAR from being the villain the English brothers portrayed him.. I DID enjoy seeing him and Kate together.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 226 pages, 29-30 January 2016 / On GoodReads

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