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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Being Grateful #1 - 2016 Resolutions

I had this idea a few months ago about writing each day things I'm grateful for, things that moved, inspired, or impacted me. I was even thinking about opening a new blog and making it this big idea. Yet 2016 started and I wasn't exactly ready and truthfully the first few days were so lazy, literally NOTHING happened to "report" or make it a "big thing" somehow. So as the days went by, I was thinking about the past month and a half and you know what? I have PLENTY to be thankful for. Well, it's not that I didn't KNOW that in my heart, I just didn't express it in words so it was just a feeling with no substance, if it makes any sense..

We'll have to start in the beginning.. 

So, if you remember, this summer I did something I have never done before, I moved in with a really good friend of mine. We both thought we'll save money for a while until we find our significant others with whom we are ready to move in with as our life partners. Basically we thought it would take let's say - 1-2 years, and since the house was so big even if we both had partners it shouldn't be a problem up until we each take it to the next step and move out. At that time I was sick of the small crappy apartments I was renting. I wanted a "real house", a place were I wasn't embarrass to invite people over.  

I lived with partners before but never with someone I wasn't involved with, frankly, most of the years I lived on my own (which is quite a lot considering I moved out of my parent's house when I was 21 years old). As they say in my country - "This is where I got suspicious..". Yeah, yeah, the big "no-no" about moving in with your friends. I said to anyone who asked "It WON'T happen to us" and yet it did. After 4 months I realized who I am REALLY living with and to say it mildly I wasn't pleased. There was a lot of ugly I have no reason or interest to disclose. So to cut it short, it took me a whole month to find someone to replace me in our contract and find another place for me and my dogs which we're now VERY pleased with :) (been living here for the past three weeks)

I always say that when a "bad thing" happens to you, the most important thing is to learn a lesson from it. Frankly I was KILLING myself over this one. I couldn't take out from this experience being a more "reserved" friend, or be less trusting or anything relating to how I treat my close friends (old or new). Also the obvious of "not move in with friends" is silly because it was a one time thing. So after I was settled in my new place it came to me! I was thinking about "things to avoid" mostly, because that's the "obvious"(?) lesson from a negative experience, right? well, NO. 

So what DID I learn from the past two months? I learned I have a FABULOUS family and AMAZING friends. I am SO thankful for each one of my family and friends for being supportive, accepting, for listening my rumbling about how stressed I am and that's before I even mention how much HELP, literal help, I got. Meaning help with finding a new place, packing my stuff (which we did in less than two days!), organizing my stuff once I moved, helping me get everything together, even explaining to me step by step how to do things I have never done before (like changing the whole lock mechanism in my door/gate :D). Truly, the only "negative" I got from my family and friends was "leave her behind" - just put everything that happened behind you and think about the present and future. Surround yourself with good energy and put the negative vibes as far away as you can. I was more than annoyed with everything that happened and not only because I did lose a very good friend - that I came to accept fairly quickly.. but funny enough I was MOST angry about the amount of money I lost in the process. Money I surely needed and had plans for now that I'm finally executing my academic plans. But as the saying goes "money comes, money goes", a year from now, it will all be a strange kind of memory I wouldn't know how even came to pass. So with a light heart, I'm ready now to put even this "annoyance" behind.

The very small city I'm living in now is MUCH closer to the people I hold dear in my life. My brother and his family, my best friends whom I also consider my family. Even my Personal Trainer lives here, I have to give him the credit for suggesting I move in HERE, yeah it probably had a little to do with him being sick of driving to where I moved to, yet he was stating the obvious when he asked - why not move to where the people you hold dear lives? Yep, indeed! My parents lives a small drive from here as well, and work is also closer (and though traffic can be a bitch it's no where NEAR how horrible it was in "that place" I moved from).

All in all - happiness. My dogs are happy here, mostly I guess because I am happy and relaxed which means so are they. My dietitian says it shows on my face how happy I am, all the negativity is missing from my expression (though the spare weight still isn't ;)). You see, it's not even just my good friends, it's people I knew meant a lot to me - like my PT and Dietitian - who showed me they feel the same about me, that they SEE me. 

So what did I learn from losing a good friend and having to move in a blizzard of mess and New Israeli Shekel bills? 
I have everything I could ask for with the people who surround me. Help is always a request away, all I have to do it SAY what I have on my heart, ASK for assistance and I receive it wrapped with their love in return. 
You know I"ll do and be the same for you!

May 2016 be the best year up until now, for me and for all of you, mostly to the people mentioned here - who are there for me, believes in me, supports me and whom I love dearly (these are the kind of words I find very hard to say out loud - yet here they are!).

I'm refraining from mentioning names here which I'm sure is understandable but I'm SURE if you are one of the people I relate to, you KNOW this is all for YOU.  

"Hey sweets, I'm happy to see all of you as well" ;)

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