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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Anyone but Alex (Blueberry Lane 1 - The English Brothers #3) [Alex & Jessica] by Katy Regnery

Another sweet installment in the English Brothers series. I gotta say I just love ALL brothers, naturally Alex included ;) It's so much fun seeing each of the brothers getting his HEA as well as seeing the interaction between the brothers, each being a bit different yet they are all the same when it comes to supporting each other. Like the previous installments this is also a re-kindled love story, but more like Barrett's than Fitz's in the sense that Alex and Jessie's love story started when he was there for her when she was a kid, growing up in the house next door and dealing with her father's death. 

While her loving brothers were dealing quietly with the passing of their father, Jessie didn't have anyone to confined in until Alex came along and said Jessie is on his team. Yet their connection came to an end when her mother left off to England. Jessie have been living with her mother in England for the past 14 years, coming to Philly only because the other siblings couldn't spend the Christmas in London as they did every year because of an important deal (already mentioned in the first book in the series, the one with the shipyard)

When both Alex and Jessie see each other for the first time in 14 years they are both shocked at their feelings for one another, it's not "love", naturally.. but there is something there, unfinished, between them that now can be looked into. Yet it's not exactly easy considering Alex's reputation as a "man-whore", after all he DOES see about 5 different women a week.. But as Alex realizes he has 5 weeks with Jessie until she returns home to London they both decide they want to explore the connection they share. It's strange for Alex that Jessie believes in the goodness in him, sees someone he doesn't even see when he looks in the mirror. Jessie sees Alex as a man, not a teenager, but she also remembers his heart back then and how much he meant to her, how much he did for her and she won't look at him and mistrust him because of his recent future. I actually don't think there is ANYONE else that could have seen the good in him the way she does, especially because she known him when he was "pure of heart". He had his reasons for not pursuing relationships but even he realizes his reasoning was a bit off hehe

Like the previous ones, since it's quite short, there isn't a lot of angst or a big issue to deal with besides the real struggle to finding a way to be together when they don't even live in the same continent which is enough of a heart ache.. All in all, it's a sweet romance of finding the one who always had your heart :) 
I gotta say, Stratton's story is THE one I'm looking forward to, I just love the silent type.. The "gigolo" was never my "thing", but I gotta say it was handled perfectly in this one not to mention Jessie was PERFECT for him, I loved how determined she was not just about Alex, but about herself and the decisions she was willing or unwilling to make (like her brothers trying to make her NOT see Alex)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 232 pages, 21-23 January 2016 / On GoodReads

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