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Saturday, December 12, 2015

On the Clock (Market Garden #8) [Blake & Jason] by L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov

My, my, this one was HOT! I really enjoyed the previous novels in the series but I was wondering how this one would play.. Blake, aka "Rolex", the guy who brought Tristan and Jared together, wasn't what I found appealing in their story, I only saw him there as a "side show". But I gotta say, I really enjoyed how he fell for Jason and the fact Jason was TRYING to play it cool but it became more clear as the story progressed that he sees more in Blake even though we only got Blake's POV. 

Blake has A LOT of money and so when he comes for business from US to UK he enjoys spending it on "proper" Market Garden rentboys.. When Tristan and Jared left he wasn't sure he will find what he is looking for but Jason came HIGHLY recommended from them so though he found a few others in the club appealing he went with their suggesting and he was NOT disappointed. While he enjoys bartering, Jason gets a real kick out of being paid with money and sometimes "trophies". Not only that Jason KNOWS what he is doing and how much he is worth. 

They had a sort of click, almost from the start so when Blake returned home they kept lightly in touch so when he came back they had more between them than just the sex, when Jason comes home with Blake as an escort things change for Blake but for Jason it's different, I think it only confused him more. When Blake realizes how much Jason means to him he needs to make a decision and it's not an easy one, not to mention it all depends on Jason's reaction which is NOT what he expected from the start, granted Jason wasn't expecting Blake's confession as well. 

I liked how it ended. It's a bit of an "open" end. There isn't a clear HEA but I can see it building and progressing into one so I didn't really mind. I can see how it could work for them even if I think some people would have a problem with the resolve. 

From a mention of 2 other Market Garden employees, I'm hoping we'll get more installments! I SO didn't expect to like this series yet I DO! It's fun, it's sexy as hell, and it brings a unique story with every novel.    

 Grab and read for sure! But be advised if you have problem with a different kind of fetish, threesomes and well, foursomes.. maybe it's not for you ;) 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 202 pages, 11 December 2015 / On GoodReads

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