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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Making It Work by Cari Z.

I've read another short novellas by Cari and enjoyed it SO much I knew I gotta add more by her. Lucky for me, with my endless list of books most of her published work is short novellas so I had no problem adding most of them for my (almost) immediate reading list

This novella is a free read from the M/M Romance Group in GoodReads, a participant wrote a description of what she had in mind with a photo and Cari delivered! This short novella is told solely from Eric's POV. He is a PA in a law firm, working for Beau, one of the senior partners. Eric has a crush on his boss for quite a while.. They have been working for two years together and as time goes by he only wants him more, but he won't be a cliche.. so he settles with being office friends. 

Beau meets his parents a few times a year in a restaurant. It's NOT something he looks forward to, but he does it out of "duty". When he asks Eric to make a reservation for 4 for the meeting, Eric wonders who will be joining them.. could it be Beau has a boyfriend? When does he has the time to "squeeze" him into his tight schedule? When he finds out the "+1" is for a fake boyfriend to "appease" his worried mother he decides to look for someone who isn't "hired for the night" as Beau did before. But looking for someone to date the man he wants isn't easy.. and Beau's reaction to the situation is totally NOT what he could possible imagine

I loved both Beau and Eric, also their reasoning and how they saw each other. While I don't usually appreciate an office romance I felt this was perfect. I believed every bit of it, and thought it was beautifully done (withOUT turning into a cliche). The side characters were a nice add to the story, giving it more depth and a realistic sense. 

If you have an hour to spare grab it and read it! No matter what more is on your list. It's SUCH an enjoyable read. Couldn't have asked for more.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 52 pages, 8 December 2015 / On GoodReads

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