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Thursday, December 24, 2015

In His Sights (Sugarland Blue #3) [Chris & Robyn] by Jo Davis

I"m not sure what to do with this series. While I loved the previous series - Firefighters of Station 5 - this one is different and not in way I appreciate. The story in this one was nice, the romance sweet, there's a bit of action but less than in the first two installments. But there was something missing or rather I felt as though even with their problems Chris and Robyn were too perfect. It's not that I need angst, it's more like it's strange when there isn't any.. also the villain was deranged in a way I find it hard to believe no one spotted...

There is very little I have to say about this one.. I WAS really interested in knowing what made Chris ill, and I gotta say the method of how he was harmed was VERY original, I haven't heard of anything like it! But I was a bit put off with how crazy the villain was.. I should say the villain was easy to spot..

The romance between Chris and Robyn was perfect. Yeah she took her time before she opened her heart to him, but besides that, it was TOO perfect, especially the way Chris connected with her daughter Maddy which felt a bit OTT. Yeah I get that Chris wanted to settle down and that he loves kids but it was unrealistic how he played and generally reacted to Maddy sometimes before he got around to being with Robyn. I don't know how it is to be a single mom, and I get that Robyn was worried about finding someone in general and especially that would be a good father to Maddy but on the second date asking Chris "what about Maddy?" was REALLY strange. Chris was naturally very sweet about it, saying that Maddy is always welcome but he thinks it's better for the second date to be just them.. well, YEAH! 

In general I don't like books with kids and somehow this one as well as the two previous installments have the parenting issue in a very pronounced way.. first with Drew the teenager Shane takes to his care after his father dies, then we have Blake - a 20 year old Cara and Taylor takes into their care (even though he isn't a kid.. or even a teenager.. he needs parenting), now we have the 7 years old Maddy. WHY oh why do we need the "kids" in the picture? For me, romantic suspense should be about the action and the coupling not about forming a family (in about a month time..). Besides it being unrealistic it's NOT what I signed for.. 

The only light in the end of the tunnel is a hint of a relationship for Blake. I like that specifically because he is gay and I felt as though the issue of him finding someone was dismissed way too many times. 

I don't think I'll continue on reading this series. It's not what I want it to be.. There's too much emphasis on family, and too little about "realistic" romance not to mention not enough action (even though it's not what I'm usually after, this is what I expect this series to be..).

Personally - Disappointed. Yet you might not be - If you enjoyed the previous two you'll probably enjoy this one as well.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 315 pages, 21-23 December 2015 / On GoodReads

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