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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Frieze Frame by Cari Z.

I'm having the craziest days! Can't believe it took me two days (!) to write a review for this short but fab novella. Honestly from reading the synopsis I was a bit confused.. but as I read it, it became clearer even though it's still kinda strange :) 

Thanos is locked in stone by a witch. The place in which he stays becomes a sort of temple, one that is frequent by the witch and others. Through them he learns of the the time that passes by, always lonely and unable to communicate with others. Alive and yet frozen. 

One day Eryx arrives and he seems to be able to hear Thanos "thoughts". They start to communicate this way and Eryx, then a little boy, vows to free Thanos from his stony prison. Eryx, being the witch's son lives a long life like she (and Thanos) does and so he visits him through the centuries, trying to find a way to break Thanos free, especially as they grow closer. 

I loved the way the story played, and the fact that it came full circle to our times. Though there isn't really a "love story" here, it's more about friendship and promises, I liked the general feel of the story and how Thanos was a part of the world and yet he wasn't and also that though it took centuries, and though Eryx didn't came to see Thanos that often (as he grew up) it was still a commitment he was not going to forget or break. 

Short, sweet, strange read. Takes less than an hour and leaves you with a funny sort of a smile.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 31 pages, 14 December 2015 / On GoodReads

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