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Friday, November 13, 2015

As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride by Cary Elwes

"The Princess Bride" is my absolute favorite movie. I can and had watched it gazillion times and know all of it by heart. It's a brilliant movie, can be watched by kids as well as grown ups and it never feels "old". If you haven't watched it - now is the time. Though maybe you should watch it with someone else who HADN'T watched it or by yourself (if none other virgins can be found ;)) because there is nothing WORSE than watching a movie with someone who keeps quoting the WHOLE movie next to you ;)

I came by this book totally by accident. I was talking to my brother about Andre The Giant and said I've heard so many amazing things about him by fellow cast members. So when I went on a look out on Youtube I found a video of Cary Elwes promoting his new book and I simply HAD to have it. 

I thought about ordering the book in a hard cover format because it was obvious to me I would want to HOLD this book, and not just have an e-book version of it. Then I found out there is something WAY better - the audio version - read by Cary Elwes with the true voices of most of the character as well as some in the production -  like Rob Reiner the Producer and Bill Goldman the writer of the book. AWESOMENESS!

I can't remember if I mentioned I moved out recently, so instead of my 5-10 minutes drive to work I have an hour (!) or horrific traffic jams. It SHOULD take me up to 20 minutes but morning rash would be morning rash and I am truly losing my mind some mornings.. here's the best idea EVER - actually ENJOYING the drive and not wanting it to end while listening to Cary in this beautiful memoir of The Princes Bride production. 

Yet all good things comes to an end, this (audio)book included. I laughed, I was very close to crying real tears (on so many things related to Andre), I smiled and huffed and had SUCH a wonderful time remembering this movie, my childhood where this movie was so prominent. I was overjoyed listening to it. It was one hell of a ride (pun intended ;)) and I'm sure I"m going to listen to it again and again whenever I'm missing my favorite movie but unable to watch it. 

Getting to actually HEAR the actors and producers, the writer and others was so much fun! also it made Cary's words about how MUCH this movie meant to everyone who was making it REAL. Every actor who spoke had an amazing time doing this movie and the fact they feel like a family was heard in their voice - It was there with every word, every sentence they had to say and remember about the making of this amazing movie. 

I'm sad that it wasn't successful when it was first out, and yet it's a movie that even 30 years later is still "there", people are still watching it, as grandparents, as grown adults, and even kids. This movie truly has it all and I feel as though it's one to live forever

I was heart broken and nearing tears (or laughing out loud!) whenever someone was speaking of Andre The Giant. It's obvious he was an amazing person, someone we could all learn from. I wish he was alive today speaking in the media of his story and the strength (not physical - mental!) he displayed on his life's difficulties, and he had many.. 

I don't want to destroy the experience for you so I won't say much more. If you haven't seen the movie - DO IT NOW! If you have, and you miss it was much as I do, grab the audio book (or the hard copy) and delve into the past

My only complaint about this book has everything to do with ME and nothing to do with the book itself.. I'm not a movie freak, I know the actors in this movie, but besides Rob Reiner and Bill Goldman none of the other people mentioned were known to me.. so at times I wasn't sure who was who and what his/her job actually was. There are a lot of references to old movies I haven't watched or didn't know of, mostly movies that were either new back then or very famous older ones.. and since when the movie was released I was just entering my first year in school, for me it was "name dropping" that didn't mean anything. 

Nevertheless, the book was a JOY to listen to. I already recommended it to right around everyone around me and I hope all of you guys would give it a go - you won't be disappointed! :)

Additional Details: Audiobook, 07:02 Hours, 3-12 November 2015 / On GoodReads

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