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Monday, November 2, 2015

Alex (Cold Fury Hockey #1) [Alex & Sutton] by Sawyer Bennett

I truly expected to love this series and yet I don't.. there were few things that annoyed me enough to put this book aside and not continue on reading this series. First off, I have to say, even if it's obvious - this is my personal opinion - so feel free to disagree and rave about this series. I've read a LOT of positive reviews to realize I'm not in the majority here, which is fine by me. 

There was something a bit "off" about the writing. Each chapter was narrated by either Alex or Sutton. There was too much redundancy in their thoughts and the thoughts were too detailed. It made the story less engaging somehow. I guess the right term would be "telling not showing" (which is something I found previously I dislike)  

The other thing, which was a lot prominent, was the fact I couldn't "believe" neither MC. Sutton was too good to be true in the way she "got" Alex, and yet she was too much inexperienced which felt a bit cliche (the hot hockey player and the insecure [almost] virgin). I also couldn't believe what she achieved considering how difficult her life has been. NO one can buy a house and repair it with no help what-so-ever at their 20s when she just finished college. Alex gave me a whiplash with his mood swings. Or rather, he was SUCH an jerk to everyone around him, hated everything about his life, hated hockey, and then, by miracle, a week after he meets Sutton he is totally a different person. Say what? His personality change was so unbelievable I just couldn't keep on reading, I felt the character wasn't genuine, I couldn't "buy" it anymore which is why I just stopped reading. I considered finishing the story, it's not a bad one! and yet the writing and the character fast forward progression was a bit too much for me all together.. 

So sadly I"m putting this one aside at 39%. I truly wish I felt differently but this is it for me.   

 (DNF 39%)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 300 pages, 1-2 November 2015 / On GoodReads

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