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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Out in the Blue by Kelly Jensen

Such a sweet short novella! Really enjoyed it! I can't remember how I came to add this one to my Amazon Wishlist, but every time I considered it I became more intrigued, it sounded so different. Not so damn "perfect" as most Romance novels tend to be. 

Jared, the MC (and sole POV) is 45 years old and his life couldn't be more pointless so he goes on a hike with a group of gay men, hoping to connect to ONE person. Just the one. So he can say he actually made a friend. But as he arrives his insecurities keeps getting in the way and so he simply doesn't see how much Fin is into him. Well, HOW could the young (10 years younger..) and gorgeous Fin could be interested in the middle aged, hairy Jared? Yet he is. He chose to be his partner and did his best to also become his friend. Fin was truly a sweet heart and though he looks care-free and the right answer to all of Jared's prayers he has a sad story of his own he has a hard time dealing with (which is part of the reason he is on this trip as well). 

It was sad and emotional at times, but never "too much" even when dealing with truly heart breaking memories of both MC. I loved the way these two connected, it took time but Fin got under Jared's skin right from the start he just couldn't believe a possibility of them being together so he kept rejecting Fin or rather rejecting himself.

Though it's fairly short, it had such a beautiful and hopeful romance I couldn't have asked for more. I gotta check out more by Kelly. If this is what she can bring in less than 50 pages I'm curious to try out MORE! 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 43 pages, 7-9 September 2015 / On GoodReads

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