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Monday, September 7, 2015

Full Exposure by Amy Jo Cousins

I'm not sure how to rate this short novella. Partly because it took me  a whole freaking week to read it! I don't blame anything but myself, not having the time or the ability to concentrate (and not fall asleep) whenever there is a possibility to actually sit and read. I can't wait for this month to be over, getting my LIFE back! I miss reading and who happy and relax it makes me.

The whole story is told from Evan's POV. He is invited by his brother to help with a photo shoot of Riley Flood - a celebrity pop star. The tension between Evan and Riley was totally fun to read. Riley has such an influence on Evan who is mostly shy unless he is in an adventurous mood :) But the things he blurbs when he is nervous! 

So about a half of this short novella is just that, them working together and the buildup of the attraction. Then we have the actual time they spend together until Evan has to return to his life, his geeky work and caring for his father who is constantly ill. I liked it and all together disliked it. I liked the interaction between them mostly because I genuinely liked Evan. The fact that he takes Riley to play video games and bowling. What I disliked was Riley being such a little kid needing someone to "maintain" his mood swings and being taken care of. It totally destroyed how I enjoyed him in the beginning when he was more "easy going". He is SUCH a drama queen. Also I didn't like the shift to submissive he pulls on. It went with his character, yeah, but since I didn't like THAT side of him I couldn't see there the buildup of something more (than him needing a babysitter..) which was totally there for the both of them. 

The last part was heart breakingly beautiful. After their parting the magical feeling starts to fade or rather, Evan feels as though it must have been a dream and starts to disappear back into his glamour-less life. His work, his father getting sick, and basically though he WANTS Riley desperately he doesn't allow himself to BELIEVE there could be more from Riley's side. Then he realizes how much he is wrong from a romantic act from Riley's side he found out about months later and so he goes to make his our grand gesture. 

I wish I'd liked Riley, I wish I could have seen what Evan found in him. For me he was tedious.. but since the whole story was from Evan's POV I came to really care for HIM myself and wanting for him to be happy, to actually have a life, something to look forward to when work is done and his father is feeling well. In the end he did :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 78 pages, 1-7 September 2015 / On GoodReads

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