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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bullet (Blue Boy #1) [Levi & Sonny] by Garrett Leigh

After reading a few of Garrett's novel I started obsessively adding more books by her. When I got to this series I decided to leave it till the end not being sure I'll actually read it.. and yet when these were the last one on my list I knew that even though the subject was putting me off I HAVE to give it a try - and I'm really happy I did! :) 

The synopsis states boldly that Levy is a gay porn star, now getting a proposal he can't deny doing something he isn't sure he is able to do. Also the scene is between Dex (a VERY aggressive top) and Sonny (a guy he can't stand) and he's suppose to be somewhere in the middle.. yeah.. sounds like a total torment.. and yet, Levi needs the money badly to pay his mother's debts so he sort off doesn't have any choice..

I gotta say that though I was VERY skeptical because of the general subject - porn... I was surprised to find an actual Contemporary Romance and not just a sex dripping Erotica Novella.. Yeah there was a lot of sex talk and action, sizes and comparisons.. but there was a story that couldn't be missed that was all Levi (and Sonny) and life! Not always turning for the better, mostly for the worse when you try to maneuver your priorities and do the best you can. 

Back to the story..

Sonny totally surprises Levi when he is offering to teach Levy how to relax so he can handle the scene as a bottom (for the first time in his life..). Even though they start their interaction badly, mouthing at each other, all it takes is a bit of time together to see there's more to each of them than meets the eye, especially Levi who isn't the cocky bastard most consider him to be. 

This whole short novella is told from Levi's POV (oh, how I wished to get the smallest glance into Sonny's mind!) I loved the change that went through Levi, the effect Sonny had on him, the torment of relationship he has with his mother was a total heart ache but I also got why he had to keep on helping her even though she didn't even appreciate it in the slightest. 

On the one hand I loved the way this one concluded and yet I really hoped for a little bit more. The ending is open ended, I'm not even sure it's an absolute "Happy For Now" but I guess it is.. I loved seeing the interaction between these two and though I got a bit of the tender moments between them I was craving, I really wished for more, even another chapter, an epilogue to see that it works. Well, maybe we'll see the both of them in the next books in the series.. one could hope :)

Recommended! :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 103 pages, 28 September 2015 / On GoodReads

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