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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bones (Blue Boy #2) [Cam & Sasha] by Garrett Leigh

Okay.. this was ANOTHER surprise. I was already expecting to love this one even though I was skeptical about the first mostly because of the location - a Porn Studio (?) sounds like the best place to lose a plot line ;) and yet, I loved it, then when I started reading this one and was introduced (again) to Cam in a BDSM sex scene that made no sense?! I had to re-read a few paragraphs in the first page to make sure I"m in the right place - yep I am. So what's going on? I stopped reading, went to the book's GR page and checked again the synopsis and categories this one was under - totally Contemporary. Well, lets keep on reading.. and I did. COULDN'T put it down. I did, for a long conversation with my roommate which ended in "I NEED TO RETURN TO MY BOOK". Next thing I know, it's was after 2 a.m. and I reached "The End" with a stupid smile on my face. 

Before I start my review I want to say something VERY important. This is a series. These are NOT stand alone novels so while you are very welcome to keep on reading (I"ll try to keep my review as much as spoiler free as I'm able) - the main couple in the previous book - Levi and Sonny - appear quite a lot in this novella and not only that, there is also an unresolved business there but since the story focuses on Cam and he is the sole POV we only get glimpses into the difficulties Levi and Sonny are having which reminded me why I gave "Bullet" 4.5 instead of 5 star rating - there were things left behind, not discussed or not mentioned at all that felt a bit odd. In this book it was the same, Levi's love interest is also quite an enigma with us getting only Cam's story. I understand this is JUST a novella, and yet I would have loved to get more from the significant other besides the obvious connection being built between the MC. 

The story begins with Cam's distorted "relationship" with Jon - his boss. It was mentioned in the previous book that they MIGHT have a "thing" but Cam mostly denied it. Cam is best friends with Levi and Sonny, previously with each of them apart, currently with them as a couple. I loved getting more of Levi and Sonny, I really wanted to see their relationship "at work", I mean, the last one ended sweetly yet very vaguely considering the little they know about each other and yeah, their profession.. I got what I wanted in a way, yet I didn't.. because things just got complicated without us knowing what exactly is wrong.. 

Back to Cam! Cam's parents recently split up, or more specifically - Cam's mother left his father and 3 other siblings, not wanting to play "house" anymore. It affected Cam badly. He lost himself after that. His family is an anchor to him, they know everything about him (yeah, even what he does for a living..) and the break up just left him confused about life. He made some mistakes during this time, one of those being the whole "thing" he has with Jon which doesn't even make sense to him. He used to be more friendly, more fun - partying and enjoying life, and yep, enjoying his work. He has another day job, a "normal" one. It's not that he has a real financial problem, the porn just pays more than the bills allowing him to save and enjoy himself in the process. But he isn't having fun now.. he is tired and sad. 

Enter Sasha. A BMX rider who catches Cam's eyes and doesn't let go. But things don't go according to plan, after a very intimate moment going totally bad, Sasha starts to pull away and Cam doesn't want to "just be friends" like Sasha offers.. He isn't sure if it's the Porn in general, the "ex-boyfriend" (Jon) making a possessive scene or is it just Cam himself not being such a catch.. 

A week passes in which Cam is totally miserable, then he finds something wrong. TOTALLY wrong. He isn't sure how to deal with it, isn't sure he can talk to anyone about it. Levi and Sonny seems miles away, though he has a great connection with his family he doesn't want to "intrude" with his problems, Jon isn't even an option.. (not to mention just HOW MUCH of a douche bag he turns out to be!) the only one left is Sasha who was in the right place at the right time (or rather the wrong place at the wrong time) and gave himself over to Cam to lean on. It was really sweet and tender between these two and though there is something VERY unlikely about the whole situation, I had no real problem with it. It was sort of "fitting", the sort of answer to all of Cam's prayers in a weird sort of way (can you tell I'm trying REAL hard not to spoiler?).

After the initial shock and Sasha being there for him to take off the load he confesses to his family and friends (Levi and Sonny). Cam was so lucky in that way, his family was so supportive of him no matter what, and his friends are really true friends even though they have strange sexual relationship most friends don't tend to share ;) They were there for him when he needed them even if they, too, made mistakes. They truly care about him which was very sweet to "see"/read. 

The story ends with a look into a better future, not just generally for Cam, but for Blue Boy Studio as well. The next one in the series is of two characters we met briefly in this installment and the previous one - Kai and  Matthew, both being dancers at Silver and new models at Blue Boy. 

The only thing I thing I should mention is what Cam is dealing with was a surprise for me. It's not something I've really read before so it was quite "refreshing". I loved how realistic the whole thing felt and the impact it had on him felt so genuine it totally brought Cam to life as a "real person" for me.

Recommended (but only if you've read the first in the series..)  

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 124 pages, 29 September 2015 / On GoodReads

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