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Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2015 Goals

This month I'm planning REALLY low. On July (Goals / Recap) I started this intense course I've already talked about, so now that I"ll be in the core of the course I know I probably won't be able to read more than an hour a day and let's not forget I'm just moving out of my apartment meaning I have a lot of things to do and organize (I genuinely see it as a good time, just a time consuming one ;)).   

I originally planned 4 (!) full length novels for this month but had to abandon two due to lack of time.. all the other ones are short novellas. I think it would be easier this way when I only have a short time each day. Besides, I know myself.. when I have books I'm really into I have a hard time putting them aside to do anything ELSE so I'm trying to put as little temptation as I can, or rather - temptation in small measures ;)

Resist (Sphere of Irony, #3)   ★
I haven't read anything by Heather yet, and I feel a bit crazy here starting from the third book in this Contemporary MM Romance series (this IS a stand alone novel but I'm anal about these kind of things..) I kindly received this book as an ARC and I'll be delving into it as soon as I finish "Bound to Darkness". This one releases on the 9th of August.  

I LOVED "Between Breaths" series by Christina, and now that it's finished I'm ready for her next series. This one will be more on the Contemporary Romance side (characters are more mature). The first one is of a couple we already met in the last installment of her "Between Breaths" series and is going to be MM. I"m not sure if all the books in the series will be MM as well. Anyhow - excited! YEP!

When in Rome   ★
Ruin Me  ★
Willing Victim  ★
Ready and Willing   ★
Convenient Strangers   ★ ½
Her Best Laid Plans   ★
Brazen   ★
By Cara McKenna 
Reading Cara's books have been one of my yearly goals. These short novellas are actually the only ones left on the list! There are several I decided not to read (I'm problematic as it is with Erotica novels..) but I'm really excited to put this big happy "V" on her books :)

Shadow Bound   ★ ½
This extremely short novella is a free read released at the end of July. As I loved everything by Garrett I"m looking forward to this one. I'm almost finished reading all her novels, there are 5 left scheduled for September.  

That's it for this month. it's going to be hot, humid and stressful but hopefully it will have enough leisure reading time as well. 

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