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Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Mistake (Off-Campus #2) [Logan & Grace] by Elle Kennedy

Another excellent installment! Loved both MC, loved the interaction between the two, the relationship buildup and yeah, also the drama. All felt very genuine. I have to say, as I was reading this book I kept thinking there gotta be a mix-up because the synopsis doesn't seem to match the story and since I was nearing a third of the book I found it quite bizarre.. then when I actually hit the third mark - everything started to fall into place.

We met John Logan in the previous installment. He is Garrett's best friend and roommate who also happens to have a HUGE crush on Hannah - Garrett's girlfriend.. But that's life as Logan sees it. Truthfully he sees no future for himself as it is, so it's no wonder he is crushing on a girl who would never be his. Logan made a promise to his brother, one he is NOT going to break even if it's going to cost him his dreams of playing in the NHL [National Hockey League, I find it hilarious that I actually know now the meaning of NHL - haven't watched a game IN MY LIFE though I probably should.. my excuse? I don't think there is ANY kind of Hockey League in my country]. He is depressed about it but he rather keep it to himself. Not confiding with anyone including his best friend. 

Logan is known to be a party boy, hooking up with a different girl almost every night and drinking like there is no tomorrow (honestly, he doesn't have a future so why not enjoy himself while he can?) so he is totally unprepared for Grace and her impact on him, especially when he is still confused about his feelings toward Hannah. 

Grace Ivers is the exact opposite to Logan, she is a serious student, goes to parties only when her best friend and roommate Ramona drags her to one. She is actually still a virgin, and while she isn't saving herself for anyone particular she DOES want to have more fun now - that's what people do in college, right? So while she is quite confident in herself generally speaking when it comes to guys.. well.. she tends to blabber too much and ruin everything before it even begins.. 

The first time Grave and Logan meet (technically it was the second but the first doesn't count..) it's when Logan mistakes her dorm for someone else's. They chat a bit and he ends up staying to watch an old Bruce Willies movie and a HOT makeup session which ends quite abruptly leaving the both of them a bit puzzled at what the hell happened. After a whole weekend of wondering about it, they find themselves in each other's "business" again, and right when Grace intends to give her "V-Card" to him he screws up, badly!I get the both of them at that point. Logan wasn't trying to be an ass, he actually meant well, in his own way.. but he ended up hurting Grace badly and she isn't willing to forgive him that easily and since she is off to Paris for the whole summer they have a break in which she can rethink her whole freshman year and what she achieved or rather what she DIDN'T and Logan has the time to consider just HOW badly he screwed up after a heart to heart with no other than Hannah! 

Lucky for Grace (and us ;)) Hockey players are STUBBORN! That's a pretty important personality trait which helps Logan A TON in rekindling their connection. I loved the whole deal. It was Laugh Out Loud funny, Logan is SUCH a sweet heart even when he screws up and Grace might be insecure about her sexual inexperience but she knows how to handle a guy all right! I cheered her all the way! They are truly a match made in heaven!

Unlike the previous book where both MC past was, well, let's NOT sugar coat it - HORRIBLE this one felt different. While Logan's personal problems where sad the whole deal was different. In the end it was him making a decision to help the family he loves even if it means he has to give up on himself. There was no real "villain" in the story. Also Grace's story wasn't a sad one at all. She was quite "regular" I guess which was a good balance.

I enjoyed getting glimpses of the previous couple - Garrett and Hannah and the two other roommates - Dean and Tucker. Now I REALLY want to hear Dean's story. I'm also curious who his other half is going to be. If I had to guess I'd pick one of these two - Sabrina - a girl he seems to hate and can't stop fighting with, and Ramona - Grace's best friend. Sabrina seems more likely but I don't know. I kinda felt there were unresolved issues concerning Ramona so I feel like we're going to hear more about her.. we'll see.. and since I haven't a clue when the next one will be released I'm consoling myself with the soon to be released New Adult MM Romance "Him" co-written by Elle and Sabrina Bowen (whom I'm already obsessed about) on the 28th of this month. 

Yep, another HIGHLY RECOMMENDED read :)

I actually stopped reading the series after this one. I DO highly recommend you check the first one "The Deal" - Hannah and Garrett's story. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 297 pages, 3-4 July 2015 / On GoodReads

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