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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

If I Must by Amy Lane

I'm having the worst couple of days so this sweet novella came in just at the right time. Actually it's exactly what I was looking for in the previous short novellas that I DIDN'T find. Yet I have a feeling that it's also a length thing. I guess in round 60 pages a story can be told in a totally different way than in round 20. 

This novella is told from Joel's POV. He has been living with Ian for a while now as his roommate but he is currently away for a few days during the holidays at his mother's house telling his sister Mel all about living with Ian. They met randomly at the gym when Joel was in search of an apartment to share (instead of renting a sorry excuse for an apartment on his own with his budget..) when the weights Ian is lifting almost fall on him Joel comes to the rescue and there starts a friendship and companionship that is much more than both expected find (in the gym or in their lives). 

Ian is a certified genius. As such he is also the most absent minded person. Can't remember anything outside of his work. That's where Joel comes along, organizing the apartment as well as Ian's life as both become inseparable. With every tale Joel shares with Mel it starts to get clearer for his sister that Ian is actually in love with his roommate and so she gives him a sweet advice as well as her approval. In the dark of night Ian realizes his sister is right so when Ian calls to tell Joel his beloved cat has to be put down he rushes back home. Home to Ian and there, in the few pages left, they build something just perfect. 

Lovely lovely story.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 58 pages, 7 July 2015 / On GoodReads

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