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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Candy Man (Candy Man #1) [Adam & Finn] by Amy Lane

Another sweet story by Amy. I'm really getting addicted to those :) This is the last short novella by Amy I have planned for this month and I truly can't wait to read more books by her (short or long). I liked this one, both MC were sweet - Adam and Finn, yet I can't say I LOVED it. Finn was a total and absolute sweet heart I loved the way he insinuated himself into Adam's life. Adam on the other hand, was a bit unclear for me. I'm not sure I "get" how him past made him into who he is today. 

Adam's luck is running out. He lost his grant for Art School, he lost his apartment and now his car broke down. His only break is moving to live in his cousin's apartment for the next 6 months looking after Rico's dog and cat. On his second day he stumbles upon a job at the "Candy Heaven" in which he also finds kindness and friendship as well as love in Finn, the guy who delivers sandwiches from his family's dinner.

Finn is very sweet and open and he KNOWS what he wants - Adam! Thing is, Adam is a lot more complicated than he would have imagined. We only get Adam's POV (except for a little of Darrin the owner of "Candy Heaven" in the first and last chapter) so it's mostly us getting Adam's insecurities which are plenty. He had a very rough childhood, his mother and grandmother treated him badly even before he came out as gay and his military service didn't help to improve their opinion of him. So leaving everything behind and driving to Sacramento to his only family member he actually loves and accepts him for who he is - is his best option as it is. While Adam was very sweet also, he was SO insecure and so messed up, he couldn't see himself worthy of anyone's love. It was hard for me to accept that he was so insecure after 8 years in the service. It was one of the things that didn't "click" for me about him. He was WAY too scared of life and felt younger than his age. 

The development of Finn and Adam's relationship was slow and sweet (yeah I keep repeating this word, reading of a candy shop has it's side affects ;)). While there was little for Finn to change about himself, there was a lot of things for Adam to find out about people, about trust and hope. 

A nice short novella. I liked others more than I did this one, yet it was still a sweet, heart warming easy read (even with Adam's hurtful past).

At the end of the month there is going to be another book in the series "Bitter Taffy" about Adam's cousin Rico. We also got the slightest glimpse into his love interest. I found out about this one too late for scheduling it in the near future so sadly it'll have to wait.. :(

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 139 pages, 17-18 July 2015 / On GoodReads

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