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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hidden Fire (Firefighters of Station Five #3) [Julian & Grace] by Jo Davis

What a BEAUTIFUL ride. I enjoyed this one SO much. Another one of those it's impossible to put aside. The suspense side is VERY dark and I think it's even better we didn't get all the horrible details.. some things were left for our imagination which was a good thing in my mind.. we had everything we needed in the suspense and a sweet rather slow developing romance (from Grace's side at least). I think making it darker with abuse wouldn't have added anything good to the story. It was there all the time, it was frightening which is part of what made this one so engaging. I liked both Julian Salvatore and Grace McKenna from the start. Since this is the third installment we got enough of them to get the gist of who they are - He the eternal gigolo and she the ice queen.

Julian doesn't get close to people. It's never really explained why, I think he was disappointed with his family so long ago he didn't know how to open up to people and give them his trust. So while his firefighter team appreciate his skills he isn't really liked.. Howard always wanted to see more to him so he was the one giving him most of the chance and also when he saw how much he is into Grace - Kat's sister as well as Howard's wife - he simply accepted it, not worrying he'll hurt her (money placed on the other way around..) Julian falls HARD for Grace. He keeps trying to get to her, to make her date him but nothing.. until she finally does.. when he gets hurt and she visits him she realizes how much more there is to him than the womanizer.. But even with his feelings for her, he doesn't want to push her, he is willing to accept the parts that she is willing to give him, even though it breaks his heart. ~sigh~ though Julian isn't what I'd consider my "type" that part of him TOTALLY won me over.

I could really relate to Grace. In a way I AM her. I mean, I"m no successful lawyer ;) but I AM someone finding it hard to commit and to lower my guards to let a man in. I could SO understand her struggle with herself. She didn't really want to fall in love with him even when it was kinda obvious to her she is already or almost there. Yet she is still a loving and caring person in general and she does value the friendship she built with Julian it's just the next step is freaking her out. So while most people would look at the two of them and say Julian is the one who needs to grow up, it's the other way around. Julian was having fun and do stupid things as long as nothing of value was in front of him, but as soon as he realized he wants Grace, everyone else around him disappeared and it was all HER. Another endearing quality right there!

The mystery starts when Grace and Julian meet with a client of hers which shocks Julian to his bones. His tormentor from his past, a past that he has buried years and years ago. Julian doesn't know how to warn Grace from this man without telling her the truth.. so in the end he does exactly that, but more than that, when he sees a young man kidnapped (?) from a local bar he makes an unconscious connection to his past and helps Detective Shane Ford (the one who helped Howard in the first installment and made an appearance in the second - he is Shea Ford [Cori's best friend] twin brother) bring a closure to one HELL of a creepy case. Unlike the previous ones we got a glimpse into the killer's head in this one beside the MC POVs it was even more chilling getting the POV of one of the victims, same one Julian saw leave with a man looking a bit "off" as though he was drugged yet not being fast enough to stop the guy taking a ride to his doom.

I really enjoyed this one. It was strong on the suspense, creepy and scary as hell, yet it was also sweet with Julian and Grace building their relationship with one another and yeah also hot with our half Latino half Italian lover boy ;) It was fun getting a bit of the two couples from the previous installment as well as a few snippets and hints into what's to come in the next ones. Also the team FINALLY does some sort of intervention where Sean is concerned - trying to make him choose to LIVE and not exist until he poison himself to death. It was nice finally seeing his good side (up until now he was a total jackass!) I really can't wait to get his story! But first we have Tommy's HEA with Shea Ford. I've heard there's a spin off to this series with cops, I have a feeling it's going to be of Shane and Julian's brother. I really want to have my hand over them!

Great read! I'll be jumping to the next one right away :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 298 pages, 19-20 June 2015 / On GoodReads

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