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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shivaree (Shivaree #1) by Cara McKenna

Another mesmerizing installment. It's strange, when I think about the characters in this one, the general plot, what happens and the interaction between all of them it's hard for me to pinpoint what I actually liked so much or rather why I didn't dislike the whole of it. But the fact it, like the previous one, there was something very different and intriguing that makes this Erotica novella a lot more than just hot sex (which there was quite a lot of but not too overpowering in my opinion).

In the previous installment we met Shane and Gabriel, lovers though mostly obsessed with each other not actually loving each other. While Gabriel considers himself Bi, Shane always thought he was hetero, so the attraction to Gabriel was strange to him. At the moment, about 6 months after they first met, they have some sort of a relationship, yet it's even worse than in used to be. It'a an obsession, possession drenched in jealousy and every negative emotion you can think about (no love though as you can imagine). Their sex is angry and then apologetic, it's sick somehow, yet they stay this way, Gabriel being an obsession Shane can't shake unless Gabriel just leaves! But Gabriel won't leave, he likes being with Shane yet isn't willing to grant Shane monogamy. So even though I can't say I even like Shane (he is exactly the man I WOULDN'T be attracted to. He isn't a self observed, full of himself asshole but he behaves as one most of the time which I personally don't find appealing..) I actually pity him.

Since neither this one or the previous one gave us Gabriel's POV it's hard to know what's going on in his head really. He seems to want it all while tearing apart everyone around him. So yeah, it doesn't make him someone I'll actually like either..

Now add to this mix Natalie. When he car breaks down in the middle of no where she is extremely happy to see lights near by. The lights are from Shivaree bar when she meets the irresistible Gabriel and his over possessive lover. What happens you can guess. She wants Gabriel, Gabriel wants her, but Shane doesn't really want to share Gabriel, yet somehow he does, they share her together which had a lot more than sex to it when you see the way her presence there changes the unhealthy relationship they were having. 

The sex was surprisingly hot. Why do I say surprisingly? because usually I don't like menage scenes. I think it's mostly because the main couple here were the guys and they way Natalie changed the dynamics with her presence made it a lot more than the act itself. 

Next installment will bring this love story to an end. I really don't know what to expect.. I"m not even sure what I want! It's strange reading these two and not really liking either character. I mean Natalie was an okay character but from her POV we didn't get a lot of depth unlike the inner struggles of Shane we witnessed both in this one and the previous installment and Gabriel? he is a free spirit I can't see being interested, really interested, in someone enough to put aside his other needs.   

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 74 pages, 9 March 2015 / On GoodReads

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