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Friday, February 13, 2015

Leo's Chance (A Sign of Love - Leo #2) [Leo & Evie] by Mia Sheridan

Leo's Chance is basically the previous book - Leo - told from Leo's POV instead of Evie. While I was interested in hearing his voice and what he went through, I didn't find his side of the story "different" enough to justify a whole book. Especially since most of the book is a re-play of the previous one with just glimpses of the time he was in the hospital after the accident and his talks with the psychologist. The best parts in the book, in my opinion, where the last hour or so, were there are NEW details that we didn't hear about, not even in the previous Epilogue. Also the Epilogue in this one wasn't the same, it had a different time line and told from Evie's POV which I MUCH prefer.

I don't think this book is suitable for someone who HASN'T read the previous installment, you wouldn't get most of the story or the obsession Leo has with Evie and I'm talking about a HUGE obsession here. She is like his sole purpose of living. I would have loved getting more or Leo growing up, a teenager with his foster parents, with his friends something to make him a "real person" and not just a guy who wants this girl. What we got was too much of the same and the new data wasn't enough to hold a story together or to build a real character that I could relate to. 

I almost didn't finish this one. I actually got to about half and considered dropping it all together but ended up basically skimming the similar parts and the sex scenes... I was just TIRED of Leo. I decided that I didn't even LIKE him anymore. He was so damn WHINY, he kept repeating over and over again the same mantra of how fucked up he was, how she doesn't deserve him, how much he wants to tell her the truth, how horrible their lives have been, how amazing she is with everything she accomplished and yeah, I got it, she IS an amazing woman, yet I felt he doesn't have ANYTHING in life except for her which is HORRIBLE! Also, revisiting the scenes when he is overly possessive and controlling of Evie made me realize I can't stand him AT ALL. His behavior was SO UNappealing. I also think the two things I mentioned - his insecurity + his, well, let's call it his 'dominant side' - clash. They don't "work" together. Maybe that's the lion and kid concept that he is made of these two contradictions, I don't know. It just felt odd the way he behaved vs. the way he thought. There was NO connection between the two. 

I feel like this review is scrambled and confusing, but that was basically what I was feeling while reading it, I didn't understand the point, I didn't understand Leo, I didn't get why there was a need for a whole book even though there WERE some things missing from the first one. Those things, as mentioned above, mostly happened in the last hour or so of the book and THEY are the ones that made this a 3 star review instead of a 2-2.5 rating I felt it deserved while reading most of it. It's just that those few chapters really put everything together beautifully. I would have just added those to the first book somehow because basically ALL the data up until that last hour was either already told in the previous book or wasn't relevant enough to be told again. 

Sadly this is NOT something I really recommend reading. I mean, if you read the first installment a while back and can't really remember what happened, then maybe it's will be a nice read and a reminder but since I read the previous one literally a day before it was so redundant.. (and made me DISLIKE the main hero.. so..) 

I'm still going to keep on reading this series, I'm reminding myself that this is the second book by Mia, "Leo" being her debut and also keeping in mind the first book I've read in the series - "Archer's Voice(chronologically the 4th published) was absolutely beautiful! 

This isn't really a "series" since each book is either a stand alone (like "Archer's Voice") or a 2-parts story (like this one), each book/s inspired by an astrological sign - this one is by Leo. You can see all the books under this "series" under the tag "A Sign of Love".

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 216 pages, 11-12 February 2015 / On GoodReads

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