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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Trespass by Meg Maguire

By finishing this one, I've actually finished reading all of Meg's novels. Yeah I have quite a lot left from her other pan name (and her real one) - Cara McKenna but this is a sweet step as well. Sadly it's my least favorite from her books. I kind of went randomly through her books so I didn't have special expectations from this one (or another).

Meg's books are usually very fluent and an easy read. I'm not saying there isn't drama around the building of the relationship. Sure there is! But mostly I expect a relaxing time giving myself to the book. Here while the beginning was interesting and I enjoyed the buildup, somewhere along the line, their routine together became "too routine-y" I guess. It took WAY too long for Sarah to confess to Russ the true reason she is on the run and when you think about it, it makes absolutely no sense as to why she wasn't looking over her back the whole time. Also the conclusion of the book was SO obvious and silly I was just put off by it. I was struggling to finish the last 2-3 chapters and when I finally did finish I was just annoyed with how obvious it was to me.. 

Sarah is running away from home. She did something terrible that made her a fugitive. After a month on the run she stumbles upon Russ's ranch and stays there for 2 days of utter bliss. Russ is a sweet and caring guy, he helps her out no questions asked and she is totally blown away by his personality and the fact he is truly a good person. Russ has been living on his own for too long. It has been 7 years since his wife died so when Sarah appears on his doorstep so to speak one late night he is just happy for the feminine company. In his line of work - a vet mostly for farm animals - it doesn't happen so often and as he lives at least half and hour from the near town he is isolated in his daily life. He wants to know why Sarah is on the run but he understands she is too agitated to speak about it.

After the two days Sarah has to leave, to keep on going, she knows she is going to hurt Russ but in her eyes there is no other way. She leaves dead at night taking away some money and an old watch she hopes to sell. Russ, awakens in the middle of the night to find her gone - goes looking for her. When he brings her back it's obvious he should turn her in, but he simply can't. Too much has happened between them to leave him totally indifferent to her future. He gives her a strange but sweet gesture to stay for a while and she does. During that difficult time for both of them - Russ feeling used and generally stupid and Sarah feeling a total manipulative bitch - little by little the past and their truths starts to surface. After that Sarah doesn't want to leave and Russ sure doesn't want her to. 

I really likes Russ, I understood what she found in him. The way he lived his life and the generally sweet loving person that he is. With his animals as well as how he treats a person like her - he doesn't even know yet he helps without thinking twice about it. Even when provoked he doesn't fully put himself above Sarah's future. Sarah on the other hand I TOTALLY disliked. She is just a stupid kid. Well, compared to him - 9 years his younger - she is!!! Everything she explains about her life back home and what she did that made her run, and especially the running without looking back sounded like something a kid would do. I understand why she didn't go to school and educate herself but she sounds like a stupid and childish with every word she says. Yeah she is sad to hurt Russ yet she does it because "there is no other choice" like with her running away. She only sees black and white and she is incapable of thinking clearly about her future, or the non existent one she made for herself. I wanted to like her in the beginning but something about her put me off and when I found out her truth I was just annoyed with how OBVIOUS it all was for me to decipher. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 232 pages, 30-31 December 2014 / On GoodReads

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