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Friday, January 23, 2015

Soulless by T. Baggins (S.A. Reid)

It's been such a ride I'm not sure were to start. It's a beautiful sensitive story as well as cruel and heart breaking one. It was a bit slow going at times and since it's not only Paranormal Romance but Historical Romance - taking place round the ending of the 1700s in Britain - the language was a bit difficult for me. Took me time to "find myself" in the words, to really understand deeper and sometimes literal meanings (which it's not a 5 stars review for me). Yet once I felt the connection between Ban and Nicholas I was totally hooked to the story, waiting for them to find a way to be able to finally be together, and yeah, it wasn't simple, not at all but I was really happy with the way it ended. I think it's somehow more sweet than bittersweet (you decide). Yet it definitely NOT what I was expecting but it's T Baggins way to torment not only her characters but her readers as well. 

You think I've heard it all when we are talking about Vampires, yet here, Baggins has her own view of vampires. There are Vampires that were born as ones - the true vampires, and there are half breeds - Dhampyr - born of a true vampire and a human, in the same manner we are used to (there is much more to these simple facts naturally but that's the basics). Ban is a Dhampyr, "living" in servitude to Sebastian his maker. Ban has never been what Sebastian wanted him to be, and not only that, one of his (many) insubordination costed Sebastian his health. Punishing Ban frequently (and VERY cruelly) he hopes for the days he will be himself again, gaining his power. It feels so close as he is assured that in Nicholas Robinson's estate he will find the Vessel that would restore him his precious health and true power. He isn't sure what this Vessel really IS but first things first - purchasing the estate. As he doesn't even look human (mostly distorted) he sends Ban to do his bidding and as usual Ban disobeys him, well, slightly.. 

It's not that Ban WANTS to disobey Sebastian or be at odds with him, he just handles his "life" badly. He has nothing to live for. When he sees Nicholas for the first time he glimpses his true love from years past - Serafino. Too shocked by the encounter he decides he wants MORE than Nicholas's manor he wants Nicholas to himself even though it's one of the things Sebastian doesn't allow (more than a "one night stand" we'll call it..).

Nicholas is half the man he used to be, crippled 4 years ago VERY badly he spends his days in his laboratory as the man of science he is, and his nights drinking liquor. He is quite shocked of Ban's interest in him, especially as his injury took his manhood away (figuratively speaking as well as literally). Yet he is even more shocked how much he wants and craves a man's touch. Something he didn't even realize he was missing. But as revelations of Ban's true self as well as Sebastian's cruelty they have to take their stand together with all the help they could get to take Sebastian down so they can finally be together. It won't be an easy task, but they will do what they must to be together now and forever. Question is, can they truly defeat Sebastian or all will be lost? and since it's Baggins, prepare to get what you want yet NOT as you would want or expect.. life is life, it is what it is, it will the cruel, there would be pain and heartache yet one can find a happily even after even in the midst of it all. Somehow.

Can't say it was an "enjoyable" read with the way Sebastian treated Ban and everything that took place in this novel, but it was nevertheless a beautiful love story. One that has no time and place only the strong feeling between two men. Desperate to be together. 

This concludes my walk though all T.Baggins / S.A Reid's novels. I'm overjoyed I've found her, and quite sad I don't have any more by her. I might try her Crime / Mystery series "Lord and Lady Hetheridge" as Emma Jameson. Though it's not my usual genre I think everything by her would be different and absolutely amazing. HIGHLY recommend ALL books by her. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 438 pages, 21-23 January 2015 / On GoodReads

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