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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mating Balance by Gina A. Rogers & Kyle Adams

A sweet and very enjoyable read! Loved this one! Both main characters were interesting and so different yet so very alike in nature. the build up of the relationship was great especially since it had both the instant primal mating concept we are used to with animalistic characters (in this case shifters) yet as they took their time getting to know one another, they truly built a relationship before fully accepting their bond. 

Both Troy and Seth are in sort of the same place in life. They both want to find their mate. For Troy it's a matter of life and death as his family have been cursed years before and only if he found a mate (and soon!) can he save himself from losing himself to his couger side. Seth is living sort of happily with his two ferrets, yet inside something is missing. With his inner strangeness he have never found a man who can actually understand and accept him for who he really is and he yearns for that very man. 

When Troy knocks on Seth's door at 5 a.m. one morning it's the beginning of their Happily Ever After even if Troy was unsure of himself and Seth was pissed off by the WAY too early intrusion. I loved reading about their time together, how they connected, how much they felt for one another even if they were both surprised by the intensity of the feelings (coming quite so soon), enjoyed seeing how much they completed one another even if there was a pretty predictable twist near the end that made sense in a very natural and balanced way. 

This short story is a part of "Love's Landscapes", it's a project formed in the "M/M Romance" Group in Goodreads. I"m not really sure how this works, I think people post some photos and then other people choose a photo and attach a "letter" to it with a concept of a short story they are interested in. Then M/M Romance authors who also partake in the group write as per the request. It's a really cool idea! I love it! It's also great since it's short and it's free. So yeah, I should check more out only there are SO many I'm not sure where to really start!

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 68 pages, 5-6 January 2015 / On GoodReads

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