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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Yearly Recap

Well 2014 is over (almost over, when I"m writing these lines) with 185 books are decorating my virtual "read" shelf. I went through my monthly recap of 2014 to see who and which were my favorites. I wanted to see which authors I have been loving this year,  how many books I've read by there loved ones, who I mentioned more than once etc. 

So here it is! 

Most mentioned authors 
Christina Lee - LOVE LOVE LOVE her New Adult Between Breaths series read it all and can't wait for more.
Ruthie Knox / Robin York - Read all her Contemporary books as Ruthie and this year was really excited about her New Adult series (Caroline & West) under the pen name Robin. For me everything she writes is pure gold. 
Aleksandr Voinov - Aleksandr had me last year with Unhinge the Universe then I've read this year the epic series "Special Forces" and ever since then I've looked at romance books (MM or MF) in a total different way. Nothing is the same after you meet Vadim and Dan and "partake" in their EPIC EPIC romance. So it's no wonder I decided to start reading, well, ALL of Aleksandr's book, it's just he has so many! and I have so many on my list to read anyhow! So I"m starting small but I know I'll get to this point that I've everything by him, even if it won't be in 2015 it might be 2016, well one could hope.. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention - he writes beautifully (mostly military/historical) MM Romance.

Mentioned twice and deserve extra credit
Another 4 authors that are under my pre-order immediate read list. I've also read everything by those authors and hell yeah, going to continue following them around (just call me a stalker :P)
Jan DeLima - It was enough reading Jan's debut Paranormal Romance for me to obsess over her, then she published her second book in the Celtic Wolves series and yeah, I was doomed.. Oh my, she has to start publishing more books.. 
Serena Bell - Another favorite who writes beautiful Contemporary Romance novels. I love her short novellas as well as her full novels. She's just awesome.
Sarina Bowen - Sarina is quite new on my reading list but I'm already utterly in love with her writing and characters. LOVED her New Adult Series "The Ivy Years". Each book was so different not only from one another but the subject it brought when compared to so many college romance novels out there. I also just finished reading the first book on her Contemporary Romance series "Gravity" and adored it as well! A very sensitive and beautiful love story. 
River Jaymes - Though she published 2 full novels and one short novella in the MM Romance genre I'm already obsessed with River. Love her heroes, the romance between them and how amazing she saws all the pieces together. Her debut novella was awesome as well as the Boyfriend Chronicles series. 

Mentioned twice and needs to be checked more thoroughly 
Kit Rocha - I had my doubts when I started reading the Beyond series. Erotica I can handle but Dystopian Erotica isn't really my "thing" yet I was loved this series and with each book it's getting better and better. Though I've read all the books by these two authors writing under one name, they have another pan name - Moira Rogers. Haven't checked those books yet. I'll admit i'm a bit reluctant to check the earlier work as the first ones in the series weren't as good as the later ones mostly character and plot wise. 
Cara McKenna / Meg Maguire - This month I finally finished reading all Meg's books yet I still have many more under her other pen name (or rather real name) Cara McKenna. She generally writes Contemporary Romance under Meg and Erotica under Cara. Most of her books are a fun and an easy going read. Some I enjoyed more than others but generally I enjoy forgetting about life for a while and getting invested in a light romance. Sure there is drama in her books but it's still usually not that overwhelming, heart clenching, soul shattering kind.
SE Jakes - Really enjoy her MM Romance EE Universe books, all of them are really great. A lot of action but also tender romance which always feels extra tender when coming from macho guys. I should check more by her though I don't have anything planned. Also she writes Paranormal Romance under Stephanie Tyler (haven't checked those as well).
Tracey Gravis-Graves - It all started with "On the Island" and continued with "Covet" and I was totally hooked. Yet then came a novel I didn't really get and I was a bit disappointed.. I"m not letting it discourage me though, I'll keep on reading Tracey's books (read everything she published up until now) because I know she has the amazing ability of bringing two people together in very unique and sensitive way.
Kristen Callihan - Kristen became an obsession when I first had my hand on her Historical Paranormal Romance series - Darkest London. Awesome heroines with back bone, spite and a special power and men who support and appreciate them even if it's not the norm in the late 1800s. Sadly I wasn't impressed with her new New Adult book - "The Hook Up" - so though I'll keep watching out for the next books she published I think I'll stick to a more Paranormal theme. 

Last buy not least!
There are quite a lot of authors I've mentioned once, I'm not going to add them all, but I will list a few that totally deserve it!
Katja Millay - She only published one book - The Sea of Tranquility - and it left me in pieces. A MUST read to all New Adult (well it's technically a Young Adult) lovers. So beautifully and tenderly written. The romance absolutely perfect and the back story heart clenching. Can't wait for more books by her.
Kristina M. Sanchez - Another favorite author which is on my auto-order list. She only has two New Adult books out - "Duplicity" and "One to tell the Grandkids" but both of them are GOLD. 
Lara Adrian - I LOVE her Paranormal Series Midnight Breed. Though it used to have similarities to the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R.Ward I do think it's better! Not to mention she totally changed the series the past few books so it's only getting better with each one. Lara has more books in other series I haven't tried yet and I probably SHOULD!
Tere Michaels - I've just finished reading the MM Romance series Faith, Love and Devotion by her and was absolutely floored. I really want to try out more of her books though I tried a short novella this month and was a bit disappointed. It WON'T discourage me. I'll read them ALL!
T. Baggins (S.A Read) - I just recently finished one short novella by this author and I was just torn to tiny bits and pieces.. It left me speechless and in tears trying to digest all my feelings. There are VERY few authors who can draw this sort of reaction from me. So naturally I added ALL her books to my reading list for ASAP. 

I"m sure there are more authors I"ve read and absolutely loved this year buy I think I should stop here and not totally confuse you with my obsessions. I really enjoy making my monthly goals and recaps, remembering and thinking about the books I've read and planning ahead my reading list. This one was fun as well. I wonder how the 2015 recap would be, how many new authors I'll have and how many more authors I'll add to my "auto-order" or ones I"ve read all they published. 


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