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Friday, December 12, 2014

One Lucky Night (A Snow Creek Christmas Novella) by Adrienne Bell

I've recently read the "Second Service" series by Adrienne and really enjoyed it, thought I'd give her first short novella (originally published on "Love on Main Street" Anthology) as well as a new novella - both published under this title. 

One Lucky Night   ***
The first novella in this book, also the new one, had a really sweet idea. Thalia is a "bad luck" omen in her small little town so no one gets near her not wanting to get jinxed. When Nate good looking and mostly easy going comes to town he isn't swayed by her fear of jinxing him to pieces, he sees life differently and maybe he SHOULD since he is a poker player - the word Luck refers to something personal he says, there is no such thing a person having a lot or no luck at all, it all has to do with Chance. Chance being a general thing that can happen or not with no connection to the person only the situation. So on one hand we have a sweet love story in which Thalia, the woman no one got near found her love interest in a guy that truly sees her as she is and on the other hand there is a sort of "lesson to be learned" about thinking too much about things that are out of our control and be controlled by it, by our fears. 
Sadly though, the interesting idea and sweetness of the story wasn't enough to hold me. Thalia felt TOO insecure and since we only got her POV it gave the story a sort of "hopeless" feel I didn't really enjoy. 

Second Chances   ****
This is the novella originally published under "Love at Main Street" Anthology. It was quite nice, wasn't a very in depth novella, well, it couldn't really be in about 40 pages. Eileen and Paul have been best friends in high school but when school ended and they were both on their way out of the small town they grew up in, Eileen told Paul of her feelings for him and bolted... about 10 years later they are both back in town, she after opening a new shop and he on a Christmas vocation. Meeting each other brought back old memories and mostly feelings they apparently still have but hadn't acted upon (beside that one kiss after Eileen's confession). 
it was sweet and very Christmas-y but didn't have anything really special about it, just a nice sweet read.

As I was looking at the Amazon website to see if the first novella was published elsewhere I discovered that two days ago the final novella in the Second Service series was published (!) so I'll be delving into it straight on! I hope it would be better that these two which I felt could have been more compelling or catching. Both were missing something. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 80 pages, 11-12 December 2014 / On GoodReads

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