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Monday, December 1, 2014

November 2014 Recap

I was really good this month with my reading, wait, maybe I wasn't.. I finished my goals for November while NOT finishing, well, 4.5 books.. Maybe it means I'm getting better at knowing when to say "enough" and continue to books that are more my "thing" which IS a good thing. 

So besides the books I had for this month I also started the amazing series "Darkest London" by Kristen Callihan. A-MAZING! 

Here's my month's Recap -

Favorite Book of the Month: Cherish By Tacey Gravis-Graves
While I was somewhat reluctant to read Covet since it's main subject WAS Coveting another's wife, I LOVED Daniel and really wanted him to get his HEA but as this book is about him you realize that he didn't get it in Covet. It was a beautiful tale, but somehow learning a bit of his past was heart breaking. He had the girl of his dreams but he lost her after they lost a child to SIDS. In this short novella the past is revealed but mostly it's about both Daniel and Jess finding themselves and finding each other while dealing with Daniel's head injury resulting the shooting he was in the end of Covet. 
Beautiful sensitive story. LOVED how the relationship was building between them!
I should say that I wasn't impressed with the new novel by Tracey but I won't let it discourage me from trying more of her books! As this one, Covet and On the Island showed me - Tracey is amazing, she has an amazing voice.

Favorite Author of the Month: (When We MetMolly McAdams
It's kinda strange to declare and author my favorite after reading just a short ~100 pages novella but this one left SUCH an impact I HAD to shout about it. While most of the novella was just so darn sweet near the end a truth is revealed that left me open mouthed and basically shocked stupid. So NOT what I was expecting. I kept thinking about this story for days and days and even wrote my feeling about it to the author (not something I usually do.. maybe done it once or twice). It also prompt me to add more by her to my reading list (I have one by her next month) hope she doesn't disappoint since she left quite a high standard with this one.

Discovery of the Month: Firelight (Darkest London, #1) by Kristen Callihan
WOW, just WOW. Absolutely AMAZING Paranormal Historical Romance that also features the Beauty and The Beast fairy tale. I can rave about his one to no end! SO happy I found this one. Can't wait to continue reading the series. You HAVE to try it. 

Disappointment of the Month: My Haunted Blender's Gay Affair, and Other Twisted Tales By Anne Tenino, Abigail Roux & Andrea Speed 
It's sad to say that I wasn't sure which book to pick for this category. I tried 2 new series this month and ended up not finishing either one of them, yet with those, I didn't know the author, I just read the reviews and gave them a go. With this one, I've read novels by two of the three authors so I had good expectations. I love Cut & Run by Abigail Roux and I REALLY enjoyed the two books in the Romancelandia Series by Anne Tenino so I didn't expect to be so disappointed with both their novellas in this book. Actually the best one was by Andrea Speed which I didn't know. 

Fun Break of the Month: Beyond Possession (Beyond, #5.5) By Kit Rocha 
There's nothing "fun" or "funny" about this short novella in the Beyond series. In general this series is quite dark. Yet, for me, this was a fun break because I knew I would enjoy it (and was right! even better than I thought!) and I after too many disappointing books I felt like this was a "sure thing" for me - and it was! Great installment in the series, better than the previous ones character wise. Though I loved other MC in the previous ones I thought this was the best when thinking about the development of the main character.

SO that's if for this month's recap. Hope you enjoyed and continue enjoying my following posts and most important - continue enjoying your reading!

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