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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Brad's Bachelor Party by River Jaymes

I'm freaking IN LOVE. That coming from me sounds a bit off, even to my ears, and I'm not sure what it even means except I HAVE to read everything River Jaymes writes. EVERYTHING and also the minute it's out, well, 10 minutes after I arrive from work the day it's out and to think this was River's debut novel, ach, it blows my mind.

So yeah, it's kinda obvious I LOVED this one, right? and it doesn't even make sense as right from the start I knew we will deal with things that I absolutely dislike - (a)  celebrating a bachelor party in a stripper bar and (b) infidelity as this one is taking place a few days before Brad marrying Jenny, and since this one IS a MM Romance it's quite obvious this relationship won't be continuing for long..

But all that being said this short novella was SO beautiful and sensitive and MUCH more than just basic attraction or Brad marrying Jenny to be "right" with society's demands or anything like that. Brad and Cole have been friends for 12 years but they had s "break" for 5 years after Cole "accidentally" kisses Brad who reacted SO bad, Cole basically ran off. The only reason Cole came back was when Brad's brother was in the hospital and Brad REALLY needed him. From there, they somehow mended the relationship even though Cole was still in love with Brad and even though Brad is now engaged to be married. Brad is too important to Cole to simply forsaken even if it means he suffers being by his side, so close yet so far. 

The few days before the wedding deeds are being done, truths are being said and it's quite obvious they both crossed too many lines to let it just go. Yet there are still things keeping Brad from holding on to Cole. Now it's up to Brad to finally do the right move for himself and take Cole as  his partner and not just his best friend. 

Beautifully written, funny and easy going yet sensitive and endearing. This is the second title I've read by River, the first one being "The Backup Boyfriend" (first book in the "Boyfriend Chronicles") which I absolutely ADORED! I'll be delving into the second in the series tomorrow hopefully. 

 Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 83 pages, 11 December 2014 / On GoodReads

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