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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Of Blood and Bone (The Minaldi Legacy #1) by Courtney Cole

While I didn't really know what to expect from this book what I DIDN'T expect is an absolute and total disappointment! The story itself had it's potential but it was ruined by too many things. With all the hailing reviews I can't believe that I'm giving it one star but I can't say that I found this book interesting, maybe the prelude was, but the story itself and mostly the way it was written felt cold and detached to me so I couldn't feel anything during the whole ride. The mystery could have been good (even if it WAS a bit predictable) but the writing and mostly Eva the main character was just unrealistic and not even true to character. 

This isn't really a series since it contains two books and the version I got has the two parts together. The ending of the first one, meaning - the part that I've read - isn't a whole cliffhanger but it shows that the whole mystery isn't over yet. I'm NOT going to read the next one though I've read in reviews that the second part, mystery-wise is much better but since you get the HEA in the ending of the first part I couldn't be bothered to read the next half for the mystery part of it, especially since the writing isn't interesting enough to hold me, not for 200 more pages. 

The feel of the book is a little bit like a fairy tale I guess. We have Eva visiting the Maltese for the summer to finish her Psychiatric degree. There she meets Luca the rich introvert who keeps away from everyone but seems reluctant to be away from her, as she is intrigued and attracted to him. In his eyes she can see that he is holding something, a secret, a mystery, a dark side that she finds frightening yet appealing because she is determined to find and fix what is "wrong" with him.  Luca doesn't believe he can be saved though deep down inside he wants to be saved by her. But when push comes to shove he decides she is better away from him and pushes her away.

What happens on the short time that they are apart is SO predictable I was annoyed to even read it, and I don't think a 29 years old woman could EVER be SO stupid. But naturally what also happens is she pieces everything together and knows how to save him / help him. Here, again, is something that doesn't make any sense, what took her more than a month to figure out should have taken no more than a week (and I'm being generous here...). I don't want to write what it is because it would be a HUGE spoiler and anyhow I had a good feeling that that's the case so you might as well figure it out.. This small detail made this WHOLE book feel totally stupid because it was SO unrealistic! Not in the day and time we are living now (and the story is being told from)

Eva on the one hand describes herself as a people's person, yet she says she is detached emotionally since her brother's drowning when she was a kid. Something feels a bit strange about that. I'm not sure a person would get to be a psychiatrist without ever examining this part of him/herself, and also her behavior doesn't feel detached AT ALL. She is one of the most emotional characters I've EVER read. She cries SO MUCH. Not to mention that the love between her and Luca progressed in a VERY unrealistic way. I understand immediate attraction, I understand an immediate intrigue from both their sides, but something about the OBSESSION they both have to one another didn't feel right. Maybe if they were teenagers. But he is 32 years old and she is only 3 years younger. 

Also I find it a bit hard to believe that a woman wouldn't cringe from learning all the things that she does about Luca not to mention what happens to her TWICE when his dark side catches up with him.   

The story is told from both Eva and Luca's POV. Which could have been great since I LOVE it when we get the whole arc of the story from both MC. Yet the story was told literally from how they saw everything in their mind which felt like a strange emotionless narration. Even though I usually really like reading the thoughts in a character's mind, here it was the whole deal and the conversations because of that felt a bit off. Everything felt a bit off because of it, mostly the emotional part. I didn't feel any kind of emotion while reading, even in parts that you should hold a hand over your heart or cry real tears the way it was written took it all out.

I finished this book for ONE reason and that is because on Tuesday a book I can't wait to read releases and I wanted to make sure I finish reading this one so I'll be free to delve into it the moment I get home from work and since I read it on the weekend and I knew that Sunday-Monday are going to be a bit busy I wanted to read as much as possible even when I felt I was pushing myself to read and I can't be bothered to continue. I literally MADE myself read and surely finish this book. 

With all that being said it makes me reluctant to read "Beautifully Broken" series by Courtney which is on my list for this month. I WILL give it a go. It might be different since the vibe should be different and also it's a New Adult, not Contemporary so it might also make the characters more true to character (which here WEREN'T!) but if the writing will be the same kind of detached narration I would pass. 

I HATE writing discouraging reviews, or if you want to call it "bad reviews" that's an option as well. But even though I KNOW the author gave her best writing this story and I feel extremely bad writing one bad thing about it, I'm always true to my feelings when reading a book and certainly when reviewing it. Also, the fact that this book has SUCH a high rating makes me feel a little "better". Not everyone agrees on everything. Everyone is different and have their unique opinion which makes the world a more interesting place :) So take in mind my review but don't make me discourage you if you are interested in this one or if the other reviews you've read makes it appealing to you. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 281 pages, 1 November 2014 / On GoodReads

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