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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Four Years Later (One Week Girlfriend #4) [Owen & Chelsea] by Monica Murphy

I'm 23% into this book and I'm just bored.. I don't feel any pull from either MC. Chelsea is a total bore, and Owen's problems are also not that interesting (mainly his mother that pushes him into ditching his commitments..). So sadly, I'm putting this one aside and in general I'll be VERY picky about trying new books by Monica.

You might remember Owen - Fable's little brother. 4 Years into the future (from the previous installment) Fable is happily married to Drew, they even have a daughter and they spend their time together traveling where Drew is playing. Owen, now 19 years old, is staying where he grew up, working where Fable used to work, playing football on the college team, well, up until he screws everything up. Generally speaking he doesn't have a REAL problem to screwing it all up. Maybe his mother coming to live in town, asking for money and giving him alcohol and drugs that naturally pulls him from his studies and his team. But really, I don't get why she has influence over him when he had it all good and she treats him like he owes her (which he clearly doesn't).

So after being caught drinking, doing drugs and failing in his classes the college arranges an "intervention" - he has to improve his grades, work less and NOT do drugs or drink if he wants to play on the team. He is assigned a tutor to help him catch up, though he isn't thrilled by it he finds his interest when he SEES his tutor - Chelsea.

Chelsea used to be rich (I think..) or something like that.. her life used to be better but now she is working her ass off to pay for school and living on her own. She is really smart, finished school at a younger age and so got accepted to college when she was quite young. It doesn't help her socially being in a different age than the rest of the people around her (from childhood) which is one of the reasons she is very shy and doesn't have a lot of sexual experience. 

There is an instant attraction from both their sides. Mainly from Chelsea who behaves like she is seeing a MAN for the first time. It was beyond words RIDICULOUS. Also very unlikely. Owen is attracted to her also but from his side I could get his basic interest (which he has to a lot of girls, unlike Chelsea who had NO interest in guys before him). The two of them are boring alone and also boring together. Their thoughts are SO redundant I basically made myself keep on reading until it was "ok to quit" (I think a quarter of the book qualify don't you?).

I don't know how this series was planned, but I have a feeling it started with one book and became a series as the fans kept asking for more. Why am I saying that? because it's lacking in so many levels and it feels like pushing too hard to make a story out of nothing. I enjoyed the first one, I DID, but basically after that it kept deteriorating until I really don't know why I bothered continuing. 

 (DNF 23%)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 304 pages, 24-25 November 2014 / On GoodReads

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