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Friday, October 10, 2014

Twisted (Tangled #2) by Emma Chase

After enjoying SO MUCH the previous one, this one was a HUGE disappointment. It was angsty to death and since we got Kate's sole POV (until the Epilogue where we FINALLY got to hear Drew's POV) it was also not funny and boring to death. I'll admit I skimmed about a third of the book. I just couldn't stand her, and mostly couldn't stand her when Drew wasn't around. 

The problem with this book was it was too fucking predictable and Kate was SUCH a girl in the worst possible way. Drew calls her petite sometimes, I call her small. A small insecure woman who doesn't know how to be alone, without a man beside her. A woman how is insecure with the love of her man even after two years living and working together. After his lies broke them down the previous book why is she lying to him now? and the angst? wow, it was SO tedious and redundant. In "Tangled" I LOVED hearing Drew's voice, even when he was an ass, a childish prick, even when things were going to hell, he was fun! he was funny as hell! The story flowed by amazingly well and I didn't want to put the book down. Here? I just skimmed away since I couldn't be bothered with Kate's POV. 

I'm really sorry I feel this way, I liked Kate in the previous book but hearing her inner voice kinda destroyed her for me. She is a small small insecure little girl who needs approval, a helping and guiding hand and can't even trust the man who would give his life and soul for her. Even though Drew wasn't really a saint here, I still liked him MUCH better and what I didn't like about him? exactly what I dislikes in the short novella before - the jealousy part which made this book "happen". AGAIN with the jealousy, god, it's the must unattractive trait EVER.

I'll keep on reading the next two in the series since they are from the guy's POV and hopefully they'll return to how the first one played out though after the occurrence of this book I'm a little worried of how the last book is going to be. Side note here - the next book is of Matthew and Dee Dee (Delores) in the same time line as "Tangled" and the 4th and last book is the final piece of Drew and Kate. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 272 pages, 10 October 2014 / On GoodReads

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