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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 2014 Goals

This is quite overdue.. I really wanted to finish reading the Special Forces series and writing both my review as well as the monthly recap before I go on my September Goals and as it was I finished another book I planned on reading this month before I got to writing the last review I was due (of Special Forces) so he is what I plan on reading the rest of the month.

Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts, #1)   ★★
By Kele Moon
Initially I had the whole series (3 books) planned for this month but as luck had it, I read this one before I managed to do my blog's August duties and so after reading this one I decided not to read the next ones in the series.
The Girl You Left Behind   ★★ (DNF 25%)
By Jojo Moyes
I have been given an AMAZING recommendation on this one. Told to prepare my napkins as well... I have others books by her already waiting in line..

The Wedding Fling   ★★★★★
By Meg Maguire
Remember I was trying to read all of Meg's novels? Started after reading her short story in "Strangers on a Train" Anthology. I think I have about one or two more. But then, naturally, I'll be moving on to read her other book in her pan name Cara McKenna.

The Beautiful Ashes (Broken Destiny, #1)   ★★★ 
By Jeaniene Frost
I really enjoyed reading the Night Huntress series as well as the spin off series Night Prince. I've heard it's as different as it can get and I really hope I'm going to love it! (Though I admit that the reviews worry me..)

Every Time I Thing of You   ★★ (DNF 56%)
By Tracey Gravis-Graves
Tracey is an AMAZING author. I've read her two other novels - On the Island and Covet and they were simply beautiful so naturally I'm going to delve into this one the second it's out - September 16th! Mark the date!! 

Inking Him (Losing It, #1.6)   ★★★★
Faking It (Losing It, #2)   ★★★★★
Finding It (Losing It, #3)   ★★★★
Seeking Her (Losing It, #3.5)   ★★★
By Cora Carmack
I've read the first book in the series a while ago, also read a short novella after it. I liked it but didn't LOVE it and heard it gets better so I thought I'll give it another go. It's just that Young Adult novels is something I can usually read in small portions.. and since it's been a while I might be "ready" again.

Beyond Addiction (Beyond, #5)   ★★★½
By Kit Rocha
This book snack on me, didn't expect it to be out this year for some unknown reason.. recently finished reading the previous books in the series and since this series is like wine - gets better with every novel I can't wait to read it!

So that's it for September, doesn't seem like a lot, but well, I started 9 days into the month so that's all I"ll be able to accomplish. Though since there are holidays this month I might surprise myself! (hope I do! since I really hope for easy going days and no big, overwhelming, over populated event ;))

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