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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August 2014 Recap

Yeah, I'm a little late with everything this month.. I just really wanted to finish reading Special Forces before I post this one because I knew this series will have a special place in my Hall of Fame and naturally in my Monthly Recap.

I didn't have a lot planned for August because Special Forces was the main event - being round 2500 pages.. and I had a series I stopped reading after the first novella..  sooo yeah.. let's do this :)

Favorite Book of the Month: Special Forces
by Aleksandr Voinov (Vashtan) & Marquestate
I don't even know where to start.. an EPIC 25 years journey with Dan and Vadim that will leave you heart broken, breathless, laughing, crying, shocked, overwhelmed, and any other emotion you can think of.. It's NOT a conventional romance story in any stretch of the word but it is a love story, a brilliant one. I have my misgivings mainly with the second book and a bit of the third one - mostly for having too much sex scenes with too many different guys (besides the main couple) that felt were thrown in there for the wrong reasons.. But putting that a side and considering all the beautiful and also horrendous things that happen to both Vadim and Dan you are left with the best romance story out there. I know I will keep comparing any book I read for the longest time with the romance between these two and I bet nothing WILL compare because there is only one Dan and only one Vadim and their 25 years together are EPIC beyond words even if they make many mistakes and they don't follow any regular relationship. 
You need to be in a special state of mind to get into this one because you are going to be shocked A LOT especially in the first novel. Also the second one is REALLY long (and sex oriented) so I guess you have to prepare yourself for that as well, but then comes the last book and everything just falls into place the right way (not straight away naturally...)
Highly recommended! 

Favorite Author of the Month: Kristina M. Sanchez (One To Tell The Grandkids)
A friend recommended I read "Duplicity" By Kristina a while ago and that's how it started.. Duplicity is the first book Kristina published and I was just floored with how good it was! It's has the same motives as the movie "Pretty Woman" but it's so beautifully written and I simply loved the interaction between the two main characters. So after finishing that one I knew that no matter what Kristina would publish - I would read! Naturally the day this one was out I purchased it and delved into it ASAP! Though I'm not a fan of kids, babies or pregnancies in books (or real life) I really enjoyed this one. Again, written beautifully, really enjoyed the romance and the way it was building throughout the book, the triangle of the three main characters was sweet, really enjoyed getting to know them all and I truly felt "one of the gang" in the end. 
Can't wait for Kristina's next novel!

Disappointment of the Month: The Thrill of It By Lauren Blakely
Another one of those books I can't really remember how I got in my reading list.. Read the first pre-novella, was OK.. but then we got to the "main course" with this one and it felt sort of redundant.. nothing really happens, nothing is really revealed and you have to keep going on guesses and half revealed truths and since NOTHING is happening there is nothing to tie you to their story.. so sadly this is a DNF. 

Fun Break of the Month: Night Prince By Jeaniene Frost
Besides the books I had planned for this month I also finished listening to the Night Huntress series (all book reviews are updated on the Series page linked above), well actually since it's a re-read and since I read the last one quite recently I just listen until the 6th book then went to read the Night Prince spin-off series. There are only two book published (out of three which will be published on January 2015). I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Vlad. It's fun reading him even if we don't get his POV. There is something about him that makes me laugh out laud of his sarcasm and brutality. Highly recommend this series, even more that Night Huntress which I was disappointed of in the end. Naturally I don't know how this one will end but I DO know that Vlad is my absolute favorite Paranormal character and Leila is the best match for him. Wish I loved Cat half as much as I do Leila.. 

I don't have any Discovery this month.. I can just say that besides the book mentioned above I read just one more book - Crave the Night By Lara Adrian. Another great installment in the Midnight Breed series. Really enjoyed it and looking forward for the next in the series. Lara simply re-invented the series in the best way possible.

So that's it for August, I have a bit more planned for September, not a whole lot more since I stared the "count" a few days ago after finishing Special Forces. 

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