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Monday, August 11, 2014

Feeling Hopeless...


I just went through my list of books to read, I usually just add 'em up in GoodReads (when it's a series I just add the first one) and think about it later when I consider organize what I want to read when.

I used to update my Excel file with all the books I've read and planning on reading (I rather have one on my PC and not just have fate that my list on GoodReads will forever be safe) but I kept forgetting to do that.. so today, I added all the missing books including full series (not just the first book). Turns out I have TWICE the amount I read per year! 2014 isn't even over yet, but I have books enough for 2015 AND 2016.. 

I think I should be more strict with which books I add to my list.. because if we'll continue like this I will NEVER get to the point where I can just pick up a book "randomly".

Don't get me wrong it's a great thing I have so many books I'm interested in reading, but I can never find the time to read exactly the ones I want, some books just get forgotten or postponed..

I also find it amusing I'm LAZY enough to leave the amount of books as it is without considering to sort it / leave some out.

Well then, returning to Special Forces. 

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