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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Take a Tour :) #2 - Series Pages

WOW I can't believe I'm finally "here" after almost 2 weeks of working on the Series Pages!

As promised, I've made a special page for each series I've read and reviewed containing data on the series and my general impression with links to all works I've read by the author, the series "tag" (all books in the series one after the other) and also the list of books in the series and their reading order containing the date they were published and a clickable link to each book review. 

I decided to divide my series into 3 categories - 

Realistic Romance: Anything that ISN'T Paranormal - Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Historical Romance, MM Romance, New and Young Adult.

Paranormal Romance: Containing also Young Adult which falls under the Paranormal flag as well as Urban Fantasy which for me is quite the same as PNR.

Non-Romance: At the moment it's either Fantasy or Mystery. I guess that's the genres I've USED to read in the past, which is why I don't have full reviews or pages YET. 

You can find the links to these categories in the main bar above - "Series Pages" and from there you can click on each category as mentioned above.

I will be updating the series pages with new series I'm reading or the ones already listed as well as each individual page as I continue on reading the series and more books are added. 

When a series is finished it is marked in Bold letters.  

If there is only one book I've read in the series (either because only one was published, that's where I am now or I decided after the first book not to keep on reading it) I mark it with a "*". Clicking on the series name will lead to the review of the book (not to a special page).  
At the moment I'm reading "The Original Sinners" by Tiffany Reisz and since I've only finished the first there is only a clickable link to that review. After finishing the second one, I'll make a new page for the series. 

There are some series I've read before I started managing my reading on GoodReads and writing reviews. Naturally I'm not going to add ALL series I've EVER read, so right now I'm adding the series I'm planning on Re-Reading / Re-listening in the NEAR future - those are marks with a "#" until I have new reviews on them and a page can be made.  
At the moment I'm re-listening the Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost. I'll start uploading my reviews as I go through the books and built a page for it as well. 

So that's it for now! I worked really hard on bringing you (and myself naturally) a detailed review on the series I've read of late. I hope you will find these pages of use. I really recommend checking the PNR series pages which contain data on the each of the main characters in the series. That was one HELL of a time consumer but I do feel it was worth it looking at the finished work. 

             See ya!

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