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Friday, January 3, 2014

Unwrapping Holly by Lisa Renee Jones

This is my second Novella by Lisa, the first one being "Play with Me" from the "Heating up the Holidays" bundle. I'm really happy I picked this one up, it came in the right place after reading so much PNR and I absolutely need a Cole myself :)

Holly is a new acclaimed writer, but after her first successful book she finds herself in a writing block, which is bad since she has a deadline to meet.  She decides to move back home nearing the holidays to be with her family and stay at her grandmother's house there she hopes she won't have any distractions and finally sit down and write. 

But sometimes a distraction is exactly what one needs.. 

Stumbling into Cole wasn't something she planned, and she plans everything. well, it wasn't what Cole planned either, but he, unlike her, doesn't believe in meticulously planning anything and he decided to offer her a one-night-stand-sorta-pleasure. Cole is extremely interested in Holly but not as a life companion, he doesn't do those, especially now when his life is turning to the better but also demands his full attention - selling his family business and buying with his 2 younger brothers a Bed-and-Breakfast.

I'm not going to keep on going about the plot since it's a 78 pages novella and you know they're going to get their HEA in it.  There's a saying in Hebrew that goes something like - Adding more - only subtracts.. I'm not sure if the meaning stays that clear in English :)

I really enjoyed this one. It's was flowing, well written and felt very real to me. I felt I could really relate to both of them. Their conflict, the way it was handled, his connection to his family, how she senses his hurt about his mother's death, all those and more made this novella simply beautiful. 

I'll be adding more to my to read list by Lisa, I'm thinking of adding the "Inside Out" series since I've read good recommendation about it. Anyhow I'm open to suggestions if anyone has a better single book to offer. I feel like I have too many series at the moment. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 78 pages, 1-2 January 2014 / On GoodReads

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