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Saturday, January 25, 2014

This Girl (Slammed #3) by Colleen Hoover

This is the third and last book in the Slammed series. As the previous one it is in Will's point of view, but it's actually a back and forth between past and present. Present being him and Layken in their Honeymoon and past when he tells what happens in the first book from his point of view, including things we were not aware of (conversations he has with Julia and his friendship with Gavin). It was nice getting to hear things from his perspective understanding why he acted the way he did, though it's mostly obvious the dilemma he was facing and why he was rejecting Layken.  

about the last 10% of the book refers to the present and what happens after the Honeymoon when they return home. Also there is a small Epilogue referring to the near future (which I would have missed since after the last chapter there is "The End" then page after that there is the sneaky Epilogue :P)

I liked this book but didn't love it. I loved the first book, but what happened in the previous one kind of ruined this book for me. Thing is I came to really dislike Layken and her attitude to life. First thing I didn't like is the constant "carving pumpkins" not only when it is  about her mother's sickness but also about fights she had with Will. Can't remember who told me about relationships - never go to sleep angry, always confront you problems. Shutting the door and not speaking is childish and shows when a person isn't mature enough to deal with life. Yeah, some things are SO overwhelming it IS difficult to look it in the face, but this is Layken's way of living, it's always about "carving pumpkins" she never really want to talk about it, see what she missed or didn't know, listen to the other person's point of view - like with her mother who lied to her but did it because she herself was afraid of dying afraid of hurting her kids even more. I can't perceive why Colleen would have given her mother a book that has so much unconsidered behavior toward a mother. Though it does work out in the end.

Second thing I have a problem with is  Layken's fits of jealousy. Yeah, I wrote about it in the previous review but since she has another one (when she hears about something that happened in the past) I thought I should add that this is another VERY immature behavior she has that shows how childish she is. In my eyes what Julia told Layken about finding the right guy, well, it's true, but she failed to tell her that respect and trust are the things she must have in a relationship, and it have to go both way naturally. If you don't respect and trust the person you are with it doesn't matter how much he inspires you or make you be a better person. and if you keep having this childish fits when you stump your leg, turn around and go slamming the door behind you it only shows you don't respect or trust the person you are with, and in my eyes is shows you are too much of a fuss to handle, therefore not worth it. I know that there are a lot of primal jealousy in the PNR books I read when the vampire or demon or whatever shows he won't let anyone near the woman that he loves and that's sweet when we are talking about the fantasy world were creatures, primal creatures are involved. But when we ARE talking about the REAL world even though the story itself isn't true/real there is no place for this kind of childish behavior, maybe in YA books (hint, hint) but not in books for grown ups, that's the way I see it. Naturally in the stage before there is an actual relationship I get it, but a jealousy fit on your Honeymoon? really? no.. that would have been a REAL no-go in my opinion. I had once a relationship with a really jealous guy, I didn't get it, didn't get him, didn't get why he was so pissed at me and I kept pissing him off since I had a lot of friends of the masculine kind (not with actual terrifying or delicious kind ;)) I am not a jealous person, never was, never will be, because trust and respect are what I look for in all the people I interact with and consider my friends if Layken can't put her jealousy aside I truly feel sorry for Will, and that's BEFORE mentioning HIM overreacting and actually hitting someone repeatedly when he was kissing Layken - yelling at her/him what a bastard - OK by me, but actual violence (the one you need a few people to defuse) is something I could never find agreeable. I would date a boxer, a wrestler, I won't date a guy that when he's angry he randomly explodes on people.

Another thing I feel I need to add is about Julia preventing Will and Layken having sex. I do think it's none of her business when they are both adults and they care so deeply about each other. I do think that when you tell someone - don't do it - and that person really wants to do it - he would just find a way to sneak up on you and do it. If Julia WASN'T dying she couldn't have stopped them (which makes the 'dying card' cruel on her side) . Why not letting them have sex when she is with the kids at her house? would it really have mattered? Would having sex be something that keeps Layken away from her mother? no.. not it my eyes anyway. The only thing she showed them and the kids is - emotional blackmail is the best when you want to prevent someone from doing something.. I remember when I did my first tattoo, or actually before that I told my mom I want to do one and she said "No.. don't do it" my reply to her was "I respect you, I respect your opinion, but I'm a grownup and I'll do what I want to do". And not so long ago when she saw my new (forth) tattoo she said it was really pretty :) That only shows respect on both sides. Even if she didn't really want me to have ANY tattoos. 

I feel bad that I have so many objections to this series. But I do think that if I knew it was a YA kind of books I would have but it aside for lack of interest. or if there was only the first book which was excellent it would have been much better. I think in a book we want kind of an ideal relationship to read about, for me second and third books (the present part) just showed me what I didn't want to see / read in a book.  I still highly recommend the first one though :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 304 pages, 24 January 2014 / On GoodReads

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