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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld #2) [Lucien & Anya] by Gena Showalter

oh my, oh my, this one was de-li-sious! YUM YUM YUM all the way, funny and witty, full of action and a promise for more!

Anya is the goddess of Anarchy. We sorta met her on the previous book. She is the one who saved Ashlyn life (from the plague) and later on released Maddox from his curse.

From the first time she sees Lucien there's this spark she cannot ignore. Something about this serious (as in no humor serious) guy turns her on. and when he spots her at last (being transparent and not really there in their first encounters) he is SO attracted to her and can't believe she is attracted to his hideousness (his face and also part of his body is heavily scared)

Right after their first kiss Cronus (King of the Titans) appears to Lucien and orders his to kill Anya and bring her body to him. For the Immortal Warrior partnered by the demon of Death - this shouldn't be a problem. and yet it is.. He simply can't bring himself to kill her. He follows her around (following her life essence with his demon power) but doesn't do the did, instead he leaves her for a "rain check" Since as it seems he and the other warriors have important work to do. Anya disapproves and decides to start (well, technically KEEP) following him around, spreading her strawberry cream lollipop smell, taunting him with her words but also her [minimal] cloths (which she is annoyed he doesn't seem to notice..). 

As Lucien becomes more and more enamored with her he decided he should struck a deal with Cronus - but what Cronus wants from Anya isn't easily obtained and as he tries to figure a way to keep her (alive) while appeasing Cronus he slams into a wall. What Cronus wants can't be given as he thought it could be. 

This book was truly a joy. I love Anya's liveliness how she never fails to use her sharp tongue or her sharp daggers to get what she wants. She is strong, independent, witty and funny. I love all the nicknames she gives him. "Flowers" is the easiest one (referring to his definite flowers smell) Yet when she calls him Lucy, no, when she introduces him as Lucy to her friend I nearly died laughing. Lucien in a way is her exact opposite, being composed and in serious control all the time. Yet she gets to him and he can't and won't let her go despite the consequences. 

A lot of the book is Anya and Lucien and the others warriors are kind of in the background of things - most of them aren't even in the same state with them. We get a little of Reyes and his conflict with Aeron concerning Danika and also a little of Paris - I was quite surprised what happened there..

On the first book I complained about the amount of new characters but actually in this book since it was mostly about Anya and Lucien it was easier to remember who is who. actually the "Greece Contingent" barely made an appearance.

What I didn't like about this book? the ending. It's a HEA and it's not. I don't know, I would rather it ended differently. It is a happy ending - they are together as you expect them to be, yet, I feel almost angry for all they had to deal with to get there and I'm really hoping Gena is going to make them KICK ASS whomever deserves it!!

Since it's wicked cold and rainy this weekend I'll be returning to my warm covers to read the next one - Reyes here I come! :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 384 pages, 11-13 December 2013 / On GoodReads

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