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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tight Quarters (Strangers on a Train) by Samantha Hunter

Brenna and Reid are "stuck" together for a few days in the same berth on a train when both of them wants this trip to be a "time off". Actually Reid doesn't mind that much sharing the berth with her, but he won't give up his place on the train, while Brenna, dealing with her claustrophobia - REALLY doesn't want to share the berth with him (he's too big! :D) or anyone else that clouds her space and she surely doesn't want to give up the ride. 

Reid is sweet and supportive. Even though they barely know each other he finds himself trying to help her out (well, he is extremely attracted to her - that's a good excuse as any, right? :)) and Brenna though she wants to deal alone with her fears finds herself not the only one who has a past to deal with and put behind. 

With Reid she can loosen up and have fun. she can face her demons. but does that mean that Reid is just a crutch that actually stands in her way of facing her fear on her own or is he a new fear she has to deal with?

I loved this Novella. It was so sweet and real for me. 

This is the 3rd I've read from the "strangers in the train" - I also liked "Big Boy" by Ruthie Knox and "Back on Track" by Donna Cummings. I got to reading this Novella after I got a recommendation to "Bending Over Backwards" By Hunter which I LOVED! so went back to check this story out! I'll surely be checking out more books by Hunter!

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 77 pages, 13 August 2013 / On GoodReads

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